Ricky Rubio, on going to the Games: "Probably yes, but right now I'm burned out"

The base of the Wolves and the Spanish National Team reviews how the last season has been, very complicated, and what the future may hold.


Ricky Rubio ends a transitional season in which his Timberwolves, the team that trusted him to go to the United States and that has recovered him a decade later, have not been able to reach the team to continue fighting for the title beyond the phase regular. The year has been uphill, with injuries everywhere, long suspensions, bad game, change of coach and even sale of the franchise. The coronavirus has been just one of the rocks that the team has had to find on the already stony road of 2020/21, mostly without an audience in the stands despite the rapid advance of vaccination in the country, and Minny's other Spaniard along with Juancho Hernangómez has had one of his weakest seasons as a player in the best league in the world.

Jon Krawczynski (The Athletic) has spoken with Rubio to see first-hand how he has lived such an experience.

"The year has been so hard that basketball is on the third or fourth page seeing everything that is happening," he says. "We have not been able to have a normal season. I do not use it as an excuse because all the teams have had the same problem, but we have carried a lot on our shoulders," he assures.

His return to the Wolves after the Suns traded him for Chris Paul to Oklahoma, where they did not have him, has been more sour than sweet as he could not feel the heat of the fans up close. "It has not been like a return to Minnesota, I have not felt that way. That is one of the things that have hurt me the most: playing at the Target Center and not being able to see the fans and the love they have for me. something I've missed. "

"Our backpack was filling with stones and it became very hard in that part of the equipment. You can't do cool. You feel like traveling and locking yourself in your house or in a hotel without being able to have chemistry is a job. with the others, which is the good part of this and what you can take to the court, "he points out.

Ricky does self-criticism. He did not take advantage of the passage from one season to another as he should: "Having a good rest is essential to have a good season. If you don't have it, the season is like a storm. Then you have to get on a moving train, if you stop and you take a break, and it's going two hundred miles an hour and you don't know how to keep up. "

"Everything we have on us, Towns or not Towns, D-Lo or not D-Lo, coming off the bench ... It has been a lot of things; we couldn't train and I couldn't find myself," he says: "Also believing that I was in good shape and I was not. Half a second that you are late to a pass that you can cut, half a second that you are late to a tray and they block you ... Whatever happens and you do not know what what's up ".

The bond he had with Ryan Saunders, who came from his father's ('Flip') days as a coach, was strong. The young coach was fired for the poor results: "It was tough. For the most part he was not to blame, we have to blame it ourselves. But he also tried things that did not work. When he is not working, the first person you look at is the coach" . Instead, in a somewhat controversial decision by the selection process, Chris Finch, Nurse's assistant on the Raptors, was hired: "He's very smart. He has a style that is beautiful to play and look at."

"I would not say that it has been a bad season personally," he faces. He is fully aware, however, that his 8.6 points and 6.4 assists per game are the worst record since he's been in the NBA.

"I was MVP of the World Championship sixteen months ago. I feel like I reached the best point of my career a year ago and I have dedicated myself to surfing the wave. And suddenly the ocean ran out of water. To catch the wave again there are people who It's easier for him, I need my routines, and I'm there again and I feel really good. I think my best basketball is yet to come, "he says. The next season will be, if all goes as it should, the 11th for him in the NBA.

Facing his participation in the Tokyo Olympics with Spain, a certainty and several open doors: "Right now I'm burned. It's probably a yes, but I owe time to my family. I deserve it and I really need to reset everything We haven't had a day off with the family for six months. It won't be a normal Olympics. I'm tired of getting tested every day; something like putting that thing on your nose reminds you every day of what's going on at the world, which is not the norm ".

He has one year left on his contract, which will expire the following summer, and that makes Minnesota have to see whether to seek a change or not: "I don't want to be in a team that goes aimlessly, where there is no hope that we can really give The next step. I think we can do it and be a really solid playoff team. So when they traded me to Minnesota I was excited. I thought this was the year. We lost a year, but there are no more years to lose. Otherwise the rebuilding process will start over and I don't think it's a fun thing to be a part of. "

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