"No rhythm, out of the top-10"

Alonso confesses the options of scoring with a car from Q3, his, but also from Q1, that of his partner, Ocon.


The official forecast has not hit, not even close, during the GP of Styria. In the previous days, a storm threatened in any session, but all have been held dry. Now the FIA weather service dictates an 80% rain forecast for the race. Although some think that Fernando Alonso prefers a wet asphalt to gain positions with the Alpine, such conditions have not seriously altered the order of the peloton for a long time.

“I would prefer a dry race because I would have liked to have a training session in the rain to adjust. I didn't like a first lap in the wet like Imola's. If it rains, we will have to be flexible because there are no references with the tires, "said the Asturian, eighth on the Spielberg grid.

AS asked him about the options of scoring with a Q3 car, his, but also a Q1 car, the one from Ocon. “It was a more complex day than Friday. We were worried about FP3, because we lost a lot of benefits. And even more in qualifying, if you don't do a perfect lap you can be out of any session. Although the race will be long. It's difficult, the points are more difficult than in France because we were more competitive there. It is a good starting position, but there are fast cars behind and we will need race pace. If not, it is very easy to finish outside the top-10 ”, warns the two-time champion.

Photos from as.com
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