Quartararo liquidates his fourth victory in six laps

Maverick was second and lost his chances of victory at the start, where he almost met the Frenchman, who only had a hard time getting rid of Bagnaia. I looked third.


A bad start, due to clutch problems, as he said as he got off his Yamaha, cost Maverick Viñales his chances of victory in the Assen race. His duel for the victory with his teammate, Fabio Quartararo, was eagerly awaited, but there was none because the Frenchman took advantage of the Spanish's failure and finished the race in six laps, which are the ones it took to get rid of Francesco Bagnaia, the only one who offered him some opposition thanks to the plane that is the Ducati on the straight.

Between the Desmosedici's motorbike and how well his rear holeshot performs which gives him more traction, Pecco was able to immediately pass the Diablo a couple of times after he passed him in the chicane on the finish line. However, when on the sixth lap he overtook him at turn 11, the Yamaha rider had enough margin so that later the Ducati rider did not remove the stickers at the start of the straight, thus in the first set of the seventh lap In only four corners, he had escaped four tenths, and when he completed the turn, which he did with a fast lap, he was already six tenths ahead of the Italian. From there, he fired solo to victory, reaching a four-second lead that ended at 2.7 over Maverick as he crossed the finish line.

A shame Mack's loss of positions at the start, because falling relegated to fourth place at the time made it difficult for him to never see Quartararo up close. The two were about to touch as soon as the red light went off. The Spaniard cut a bit of gas, seeing himself closed, and was overtaken by Fabio, Bagnaia and Nakagami. The one from Roses, who was the only one who mounted the soft front tire, had a hard time overtaking the Japanese. With Bagnaia, on the other hand, he had it easier, because he was penalized with a long lap for exceeding the limits of the route. The one from Ducati served the punishment on lap 15 and went from the second place he was occupying at the time to the eighth. A clear path for Maverick to be second.

The problem of Bagnaia was also saved by a Mir who signed another great comeback from tenth place on the grid to third. Grand prize for his effort on the third step of the podium. His biggest rival in that fight was Zarco, who a shot with Rins in the second round cost Suzuki's exit from the track when he was fifth, to return last (22nd) and finally finish eleventh. Returning to Mir, he entered the finish line 5.7 from the head, 3 seconds behind Maverick and with 370 thousandths over Zarco, which leaves him fourth overall, 55 points behind Quartararo's lead.

The Frenchman arrived in Assen with a 22-point advantage over Zarco and leaves with 34 over him, which is a great income, already forged with four victories. The last was held with a golf club in hand and several 'swings' in the air. A bad idea was to put a drive in his hand and a ball on the ground without a help tee. Normal that this would cost him several attempts before giving a bump at the end with which he did very few meters. It does not matter, his is motorcycles and, in sight, those are really good for him.

Out of the podium places, an interesting comeback for Marc Márquez from twentieth place to seventh, also surpassed by Zarco, Oliveira and Bagnaia. His start was spectacular, capable of winning eight places in one go, up to twelfth. And then it was nice to see him fight as if he were a meritorious one who has not won eight titles, six of them in MotoGP, and as if he had not come from winning the previous race, that of Germany.

Aleix, Nakagami and Pol completed the top ten. Álex Márquez was 15th and Lecuona did not finish due to a crash, the same as Rossi, who crashed when he was 17th in the middle of the race. Now almost five weeks of vacation, the longest break ever seen in MotoGP, to return all with charged batteries, especially Marc's, who is the one who needs it the most and the one who has the longest journey to reach his maximum level.

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