Premonitory vacillate from Márquez to Quartararo about Assen

After ruling out of the title fight at 90 points, he told him in Germany: "Watch out for Assen if it rains. Be careful, huh? I'm there." It can rain ...

It is on the way to becoming a reality, at least as far as the weather is concerned, the premonitor hesitates from Marc Márquez to Fabio Quartararo after winning last Sunday in Germany, and there is a 50% probability of rain for Sunday, the day of races, and 90% for Saturday, qualification day. "Watch out for Assen if it rains. Be careful, eh? I'm there," Marc told Fabio, jokingly and after previously ruling out the title fight, being 90 points behind the French leadership .

The truth is that it is nice to see the good vibes that prevail among the drivers after the races. Enemies on the tarmac and colleagues in the back room. Oliveira and Quartararo spent a good time chatting with each other in the mixed zone of Sachsenring, waiting for Márquez to finish his appearance before the television, so the three of them went to the press conference together, and they even ate a little dog together hot that tasted like glory after the battle of Sachsenring. Already in the press room, Marc monopolized most of the questions and in one that was addressed to Fabio he got in between and hit the French with that nice hesitation.

The question was what role could Honda play in the fight for the title held by Yamaha, because he is the leader of the general classification with 22 points of income over Zarco, while we remind him that he takes 90 from Marc. The Frenchman He put on a poker face and the Spaniard, who had actively and passively dismissed himself for the title this year, told him before he answered: "Watch out for Assen if it rains. Be careful, eh? I'm there." The Repsol Honda man told him laughing and the Monster Yamaha man caught his laughter.

After accepting the hesitation with good grace, Quartararo later replied thus: "There may be two roles to play on your part. Today I was happy, because Miguel is not so far from me and the truth is that he has taken five points from him. He has He said that in Assen he will have difficulties again (they look at each other and laugh), but maybe it will rain or they will find something that will give him confidence for the rest of the season. The truth is that today he had an incredible performance. On this circuit he had more left curves and he was less demanding, but he is going to be back in the future. It will take him more or less time, but we are sure he will come back. "

The question was more in the sense of judge of the title than of candidate, because no such comeback has never been seen as the one that # 93 would have to do now but it is not too much to keep it in mind, lest it rain in Assen and somewhere else. A new victory for Marc this Sunday, linked to a zero for Fabio, would put them back to 65 points with 225 still in play, and there the same, the Spaniard would not be ruled out as he has been doing so far ... 444 444

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