Prado, to make up for its start

The Galician left the opening round in Russia with 25 points (9th and 8th), half that of the leader Gajser, and will try to get close to him at Matterley Basin.


Two incidents of those that can happen in motocross races at any time because of how close they are to each other left Jorge Prado without the bright start he aimed at at the start of the World Cup in Russia two weeks ago. He left Orlyonok with a ninth and eighth place, far from where he should be to fight for the MXGP title, his great goal in his second season in the premier class as he said in AS, but he knows he has the rhythm for it and will fight to prove it at Matterley Basin.

The British event, one of those indicated on the calendar by many pilots, takes up the action of the World Championship with a condensed day on Sunday (Saturday was left for other categories) in which the third and fourth races of the season will be held. And the Galician from KTM arrives at them in seventh position in the standings with 25 points, just half of those obtained by the leader, the Slovenian Tim Gajser, after making a full run in Russia taking the two victories that were put into play.

Jeffrey Herlings, Prado's partner in the Austrian brand, is the closest to the leader at ten points. However, this has only just begun in a year with, at the moment, 18 races (one less after the loss of Sweden) and in which the Spaniard will surely bring good news. Now, he will try in Great Britain to make up for his start in Russia and last year's races (9th and 12th), which started the World Championship and which he did not reach one hundred percent after a femur rupture in the preseason.

This is how the World Cup goes

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