Pogba, in negotiations

While the French midfielder is exhibiting at the Euro, United is already working on the renewal of his contract, according to 'Sky Sports'. They don't want to lose you at zero cost.


"I am not thinking about my future, I am only focused on the European Championship", said Paul Pogba after the draw between France and Portugal (2-2) last Wednesday. And he is, since he was exhibited again before Cristiano and company and is the star that shines the most in the French constellation. At their club, however, they do pay attention to their contractual situation. Days ago, the intention of the Red Devils to present him with an offer that would make him the highest paid footballer in the Premier was transcended: more than 24 million euros a year.

The relationship between Pogba and United has long been the subject of scrutiny. First it was for the interest of Madrid, with Zidane at the head. But the very high financial claims prevented the midfielder from leaving Old Trafford. Later, immersed in a slump in performance and doubts, Mino Raiola agitated his future with the well-known statements that put an expiration date on his stay at the club. However, those words served as a springboard and, supported by Solskjaer's confidence, the world champion has delivered a sensational finish to the course, topped off with his strong Euro performances.

Avoid tripping over the same stone again

All this has done has changed your personal landscape. United are now desperate to renew him. They do not want to lose him at zero cost, since his current contract expires in June 2022. Thus, according to Sky Sports, the negotiations have already begun. With several interested clubs, see Real Madrid, Juventus and PSG, the Mancuniano team does not want to allow Paul to negotiate his free departure from January. We must not forget that in Manchester they already lost him by zero euros in 2012, before even making his debut with the first team and had to pay 105 million euros to Juventus, four years later, to seal his return ticket.

The doubts that may have existed regarding his performance have been more than buried and at United they want him to lead, along with Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, the return of the Red Devils to the elite of football in a definitive way. At 28 years old, our protagonist could be before the signing of his last great contract as a professional and United is clear that they want to be the ones who embody their signature next to that of Lagny-sur-Marne. Although, if the talks do not come to fruition, Pogba could be part of the Varane operation, as this newspaper has reported.

Finding a companion to Maguire is one of the goals of the Mancuniana sports management team and Raphael Varane is the one they like the most. In addition, the defender is in a contractual situation similar to Pogba and both could draw a beneficial exchange for both parties. The signing of Jadon Sancho, the other great obsession of the entity, seems to be approaching and this would mean a disbursement that would not allow enough money to be made for Madrid to accept Varane's departure. Hence the exchange comes to the surface. However, Pogba has never hidden his desire to wear white one day ...

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