Pippen pokes Durant: "Beating LeBron takes more effort"

The Bulls legend placed Kevin Durant behind LeBron James and accused him of not knowing what a team needs for victory.


In the NBA everyone has an opinion, we already knew that. But the worst thing is that there are certain people who never tire of giving it. This is the case of Scottie Pippen, a basketball legend and a six-time champion of the best league in the world. Always in the shadow of Michael Jordan, with whom he does not have a particularly close relationship today, Pippen has long dedicated himself to vindicating his successes, comparing teams of the present with others of the past and commenting on everything that happens in the North American competition. His last contribution to the world has been on Kevin Durant, whom he has compared (without much sense at the moment) with LeBron James and whom he has put a step below the King.

"Beating LeBron James requires a little more than the effort of an individual. LeBron is a complete team player who understands the team and the victory. Has Kevin Durant reached that level? The Bucks sent him home," he said Pippen in statements collected by CBS. "To say that he has surpassed LeBron, I think he has something to learn yet what it takes for a team to be victorious. You have to give Brooklyn a lot of credit. They lost Kyrie, James Harden was probably below that. 50% ... We just didn't see the same player. But still, it was a great series. "

Kevin Durant has averaged 26.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 5 assists in his return to activity, after a year stopped by his Achilles tendon rupture. And his level has increased in the playoffs: 34.3 points, 9.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists. 35.4 + 10.6 + 5.4 with almost 50% in field goals in the series against the Bucks, in which he averaged almost 43 minutes per night, playing the entire seventh and final game, the 48 minutes of the regulation time plus the five of the extension. 53 in total, a heroism settled with defeat despite the 48 + 9 + 6 of the star, who fought through thick and thin by the physical difficulties of James Harden and the loss of Kyrie Irving.

Well, none of that seems to apply to Pippen, who instead of praising the enormous virtues of Pippen, is dedicated to feeding a debate with LeBron who has long been asleep and that does not interest either Durant or his counterpart in the Lakers. With which by the way, he gets along very well. In short, another departure from one of these players from the past who are dedicated to remembering times that were supposedly better and despise the current ones with varied opinions and some that are left over. Something common, on the other hand, with the same current players. It is a good part of the NBA, that everyone can comment on. The bad part is, of course, that there are people who think too much. For whatever reason. And they go on, on, on ... 444 444

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