Pippen explains in a book how he was "the real leader" of the Bulls

Scottie Pippen has announced the release this year of a book in which he will explain his sporting life and where he will criticize the role of Jordan.


The Last Dance, in addition to encouraging the harsh confinement imposed on almost everyone when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded in 2020, removed the sports foundations of one of the brightest eras in the NBA, the one that starred the Bulls of the years 90. The dynasty established by the Chicago team, which achieved two triplets in the decade to win six titles, has been one of the great stories not only of basketball but of world sport, but the documentary made to explain that situation has not been liked to all. And one of the main characters has already expressed a complaint when seeing it at first and is going to elaborate to show its full version. It's Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan's lauded squire on that team.

Simon & Schuster has published the official synopsis of the book that Pippen has already replicated on his social networks and whose full content will be released on November 16 of this year. The former player not only of the Bulls but of the Blazers and Rockets encourages his followers to read what he calls his part of history, in reference to the aforementioned documentary and the image that fans may have of him so much inside like off the court. The one from Arkansas assures that they are stories that have been saved and that he has never told, making force in the bait for when the book sees the light.

In this small preview of this work, called Unguarded and written with Michael Arkush, Michael Jordan is mentioned several times and not to elevate his figure but quite the opposite, to reduce the impact he had.

"Without Pippen there are no championship flags, let alone six, hanging from the United Center sky. There is no documentary. There is no Michael Jordan as we know him. The Bulls teams of the 1990s would not exist as we know them "

"The six-time champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist of the soft tone finally opens up to offer a clear and transparent view of Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson and Isiah Thomas, among others. Scottie Pippen details how he was embarrassed to be tagged by the public opinion as Jordan's teammate, and comments on how he could and should have received more respect from Bulls officials and the media. "

"Here Pippen reveals never-before-told stories about some of the most famous games in the history of the League and talks about what it was like to deal with Jordan on a day-to-day basis as they stood out as the true leader in the Chicago Bulls locker room."

No more clues about Unguarded are given except for this small preview and that it is also advanced that the book will talk about his family side, about the two personal tragedies that he experienced and that it is an autobiography, in his words, so as not to blink.

Pippen made it clear that he disagreed with the vision of him in the Jordan and the Bulls documentary aired last year. It is that vision that he will try to change by giving his point of view in this literary publication that will see the light in five months.

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