Neymar 'annoys' Madrid

The Brazilian put as a condition to renew that PSG guaranteed the continuity of his partner. Al Khelaifi raises the tone of his statements as a result.

Neymar does not want to remain alone as the only reference for PSG and linked his future to that of the other great star of the team. The renewal of the Brazilian could spoil the great illusion of Real Madrid this summer: the signing of Mbappé for Madrid. The paulista signed a month ago the document that prolongs his link with the Parisian entity until 2025 on the condition that the club guarantee that the French attacker will stay next season in the Parc des Princes. The continuity of Neymar, far from facilitating the departure of Mbappé, hinders the Whites' plans.From that renewal emanates the forcefulness with which the president of PSG, Nasser Al Khelaifi, has expressed himself in recent weeks when talking about the future of Mbappé. The Qatari leader, always closed in band at the exit of one of his two stars, has recently redoubled the firmness of his statements. "Mbappé is and will continue to be a PSG player. I am not at all concerned about his future. We are an ambitious project at the moment and we will be financially in the summer," he said concisely in an intervention in RMC Sport on May 23, as soon as the conclusion of the season in the French league.

This Monday, in an interview that was the cover of L'Équipe, he was once again forceful with the club's intentions. "I will be clear. Kylian Mbappé will continue to Paris, we will never sell him and he will never go free," he said with a few words that ruled out even a hypothetical departure of the player within a year, when, if they fail to convince him of continue, the contract of the French star ends. "I never give details of the negotiations. All I can say is that they are progressing. I hope to find a common ground. He will win the Ballon d'Or in the next few years, I'm sure. Where can he go? Which clubs, in terms of ambition and project, can they compete with PSG? ", added Al Khleaifi.

The security with which the president speaks about the continuity of Mbappé contrasts with the lukewarmness and ambiguity that the 22-year-old player transmits in his public statements and in his gestures. "What I want is to win, to feel that I am in a place where I can really win, that there is a solid project around me. That is the most important thing. The sports project is essential," said Mbappé when he received the award for the best player in the French league, fifteen days after Neymar signed his renewal. In between, in the celebration of the French Cup that PSG conquered, the player disdained the carantoñas that his president dedicated to him on the champions' podium. A gesture that contrasts with the effusiveness with which, for example, Benzema's call with France received in networks. His actions bring Mbappé closer to Real Madrid; Neymar's, stop his departure ... 444 444The pair is involved in almost half of PSG's goals

Almost half of the 582 goals scored by PSG in the four years since the arrival of Neymar and Mbappé has had one of the two cracks, if not both. The Frenchman, who has been the top scorer in Ligue 1 for the last three seasons, has scored 132 goals and provided 54 assists. The São Paulo player, meanwhile, has contributed 87 goals and 45 final passes. In the 87 games in which they have coincided on the pitch, they have been fully involved in 36 goals, with division of tasks. Mbappé has given 18 goal passes to Neymar and he has served another 18 deliveries for the French to score. In total, 282 goals with the participation of at least one of the two (48.5%). His understanding, considering these data, is greater than the one Ney had with Messi or Luis Suárez at Barça. With Mbappé he combines to score a goal once every 184 minutes; with the Argentine (56 goals in common) he did it every 227 '; and with the Uruguayan (40 goals), every 258 '.

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