Mystery with Sergio Ramos

The captain, who does not finish sealing his continuity, does appear wearing the new club shirt, but there is no image of him in Madrid stores.


When there are barely more than two weeks for Sergio Ramos' contract with Real Madrid to expire, something that was considered terminated after the Madrid captain did not accept the offer presented by the white board at the beginning of the year, something seems to have changed in the club-player relationship.

If the captain's figure did not appear in the presentation of the new kits for next season (he was not present on the day the photoshoot or the videos with Adidas were made at the Valdebebas facilities), it does not appear on the advertising canvas installed above the club store on Calle Concha Espina. Five players appear in it: Benzema, third captain, occupies the central position. To his left are Modric and Casemiro. To the right, Asensio and Kroos. Neither do Marcelo, nor Varane, second and fourth captain, respectively, appear. Quite the opposite of the canvas that they installed last November, where the three captains of the men's team did appear along with the two of the women's ... 444 444

Inside the store there are also no images of the first captain when he was previously one of the advertising claims just at this time of the season. But curiously, where the image of the camero does appear is on the website of the Madrid team. In it you can see all the players who have participated in the 2020-21 season posing with the new elastic. Posing because it seems like it's more of a photomontage than anything else. Ramos continues with his tug of war for the duration of his contract with the Whites: while he aspires to have a minimum relationship of two years, the Concha Espina entity only offers him one campaign.

Sergio Ramos arrived in Madrid in the summer of 2005, just as the transfer market was about to expire. Since then he has become one of the symbols of the Madrid team, being the captain who lifted the three Champions League consecutively from 2016 to 2018. Now he is just three weeks away from ending his contract with Real Madrid… 444 444

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