Mondelo: "They don't respect us"

The Spanish coach criticized the work of the referees: "I do not believe that Musina and Vadeeva played 37 minutes and were called a foul on one, and zero on the other."


The Spanish coach, Lucas Mondelo, spoke, in a telematic press conference, after the match in which the National Team fell against Russia (74-78) and was left out of the 2022 World Cup. Mondelo charged against the referees.

How did you see the game against Russia?

We controlled the game very well in the first two quarters: we followed the rules well, the level of fouls was balanced ... And at the last minute, due to lack of experience of some young players, they approached us and we left with less advantage than we had we deserved. In the next two quarters, we made several defensive mistakes. And they penalized them all: they put us four triples and two easy trays.

What balance do you make of the Eurobasket?

I am very proud of my team. We have been able to win all the games, with all the problems we have had… and that makes me optimistic about what is coming in the future. I am very happy with my 'legs of the table' players: Silvia, Laia, Gil… Players who give their best and are trying to make the young women grow. And that is something difficult to carry. Also, we lost in the last second to Belarus, we were able to beat Serbia and we were able to win today. We had bad luck and something else that I am going to explain.

What do you mean?

I summarize it in one sentence: the referees do not respect us. The flagship players of other teams are not fouled. Our youngest fouled players. Right now we lack names compared to other teams. I do not believe that Musina and Vadeeva, the two most important players in Russia, played 37 minutes, got hands, did what they wanted ... One was called a foul and the other zero. Explain it to me. We would have scored 200 points because then they haven't defended, right? This has happened, it is recorded, it has happened, we can see it. That said, it shows that they do not respect us, we have been able to win all the games, we have lacked a bit of luck, something due to lack of experience. What I can control, defense and attack, is that we are going to try to grow to do well in the Olympics. The other makes me very sad because what Spain has done in the last 20 years deserves more respect. It is very difficult to play against a team that defends and does not call them fouls and we have to sit Astou Ndour for many minutes, doing the same as Vadeeva. The game goes to us in the last minutes and in the four triples that they put us. But if they respect you, mistakes are less mistakes.

Will the team change with the return of Alba Torrens for the Olympic Games?

The equipment is the same. And we will go to compete. We have the incorporation of Alba. Imagine Serbia without Petrovic or Russia without Vadeeva… But the team, without Alba, has not wrinkled, it has taken a step forward. With this plus the work we will do before the Olympics, I hope we do a little better.

The team runs out of World Cup ...

We have come to compete as always. We were spoiled. A number of factors have happened that have not helped. We were one free kick away from reaching the semifinals. We have dominated this game for a long time. There are a number of factors that have not allowed us to close the circle and go to the World Cup. The Olympics are going to be very difficult because the best Europeans and the world are there. I don't know how far we will go but we will do it well, for sure. Then we will have to think about the qualifying window for the 2023 European Championship and put things in their place.

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