Márquez: "Yesterday's crash has penalized us a lot"

The Repsol Honda man assures that they do not know if he has a small fissure in his right ankle, and sees Assen's race as "a procedure" before the holidays.


Marc Márquez assures that yesterday's hard fall has affected his performance today and that he does not know if he has a small fissure in his right ankle, so he does not hide that Assen's race is a procedure for him before the holidays.

-Has everyone's reaction been good at Honda regarding your comments on electronics after yesterday's crash?

-It was good because there was a reaction and, when you ask for something and it is fast acting, it is good, especially because yesterday analyzing the crash it was seen that I was driving on that corner and the traction control was not there. That's why I fell. So it is important to understand it and also feel heard. The brand reacts, very well, and I am very grateful for that. That is what I need, what a rider needs, but it is also true that the crash today has penalized us a lot and, as much as the bike was a little better, I am human and I felt the blows and the confidence. Although I have fallen again, it has been a more normal fall, the kind that can happen in qualifying and then tomorrow to try to pass the race. Honestly, I'm already thinking about the holidays and the summer to recover well and try to take a little step on a physical level, to see if in the second part of the season we can be much more constant. I have been amazed at how physically I can be when I ride the way I want. We have taken a step, especially with regard to Mugello or Montmeló, which is a bit my reference of the year, and Sachsenring we set it aside because we all already know that it is a left-hand circuit.

-He is seen to be limping. Has it influenced your performance?

-Yes, in fact, it's no secret, yesterday afternoon at seven o'clock I decided to go for a CT scan of my right ankle, because it was hurting me more and more. I did not understand what was happening although I sensed that there was nothing serious, because at first I did not complain much about my right ankle, but it was becoming more and more difficult for me to walk and there was a moment when I thought I could not drive today. We did the CT scan and they saw that there was a lot of inflammation, blood accumulated in the ankle joint and being the right hand makes it very difficult to make right turns to play with the rear brake and support the foot well. This morning I went out and I thought I could not, but it has warmed up, it has gotten better and working all day it has improved, so surely tomorrow it will be even better. During this day I have felt the evolution, but everything and thus we cannot pretend to have a very, very good race, because we started far behind, but at least to do a normal race. The rest of the blows are normal, hematoma on the knee, elbow, cervical, but it is normal. What worried me was the ankle, because a strong blow was what bothered me and with the inflammation you cannot see if there is a small fissure, but at least there is no fracture, which is also important.

-Can you work with an alternative to the rear brake to make it easier for you?

-This morning I started with a rear brake lever in hand because I couldn't squeeze it with my foot. I tried to adapt to the system in the morning, but in the afternoon I saw that I could start to make more force and I said that I preferred to remove the rear handbrake and try to work with the foot brake. I can apply pressure, although not what I want and in qualifying I was not able to apply the pressure I wanted with the rear brake and I was not able to stop the bike well. It all comes from yesterday's crash, which has penalized us a lot throughout the day, but the bike is not bad and in T4, above all, I felt very comfortable. Apart from the inflammation, there is nothing else and I think that tomorrow I will be better. I think more than tomorrow's race about recovering during the summer, sitting down and analyzing the first part of the season and preparing well for the second, which is our goal as my intention is to be constant. I will not say winning races, but taking a step further and not being from one race to the other making peaks.

-Is tomorrow's race pending?

-Totally, it is pending, we have to pass it, play the game and go home, we cannot expect much, just pass the race and wait for the summer break. I want to rest and disconnect from everything and then we will start preparing the second part of the season which will surely be important.

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