Madrid and Barcelona ask about Goretzka's situation

The Bavarian international has ordered his new agents to listen to offers and the two Spanish giants have already approached, according to Sport 1.


Leon Goretzka saved Germany against Hungary, just as it became public that he has ordered his new agent to listen to offers, according to Sport Bild. Goretzka is a bargain, he ends his contract in 2022 and the renewal offer that Bayern has presented him, for the moment, does not satisfy him. Its new agents, the same as those of Neuer, have already put it on the market and in Germany it is revealed which are the first teams that have been interested. Real Madrid and Barcelona are already on the front line and are moving, as explained by Florian Plettenberg in Sport 1.

In addition, there are also inquiries from England, it is added. Real Madrid has already managed to win free Alaba from Bayern. Goretzka is a highly sought-after player and his situation is rapidly drawing the attention of several clubs. For now, the two Spanish giants have been informed about their situation and salary. Goretzka does not rule out expanding at Bayern, but the Bavarian club will have to make a great effort, he explains.

Sport 1 reports that the main interlocutor is still Bayern, but that "the Bavarian club has to accelerate" because once Goretzka enters his last year of contract without having signed his signature, he could practically be considered lost. Despite this, the Bavarian leadership is optimistic. It is also detailed that the time that Germany spends in the Eurocup is to the detriment of Bayern, since Goretzka has decided to park any negotiations during the appointment, his club has had enough time before and now he will have to wait for his selection to finish his participation in the tournament. Goretzka's goal against Hungary in minute 84 will keep Bayern waiting even longer.

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