Lucas Mondelo: "The one in Russia is a match to be brave"

The coach confesses that the team is recovering from the stick of losing in the quarterfinals, but believes it will be a good lesson for Spain for the future.


A free kick separated Spain from the semifinals of the Eurobasket in Valencia. "It was a shame because we could now be preparing them. We really deserved them and we had several options, but it could not be," says Lucas Mondelo, who takes something out of that defeat: "There is a learning experience for the young players that they are going to give us. many joys in the future and now we are, first, uplifting the team because it is a hard stick ".

The National Team plays against Russia (15:00, TDP) a place in the World Cup next year. "Tomorrow it is as if we were playing for medals, the mentality is the same. There is more pressure, because it is not a game of joy, it is a match with less prize than a medal but we play the World Cup. The difficulty is very similar , Belgium or Russia, but the team is getting mental ".

The coach insists that the team is ready for this new challenge. "Tomorrow is not a day to be afraid, it is a day to be brave and, above all, be very hard behind. There is no future, there is nothing else behind, we only have that game left. Nobody reserves and the only thing that matters is to win. The team is assimilating it ".

Silvia Domínguez: "It is important to finish winning"

On the other hand, Silvia Domínguez believes that the team deserves to end the Valencia event with a victory. "It is important to finish this Eurobasket with good feelings. The work we have done has been good, we have had many conditions but I think we will finish well, with a victory and with that place for the World Cup."The National Team will be able to take revenge on Serbia for the defeat in the quarterfinals in less than a month, at the Tokyo Olympics. "We did not want to be fighting for sixth place, but this summer allows us to have another competition soon to make up for ourselves. We have learned a lot from that quarterfinal match, especially the younger ones and that will make us grow a lot."

On the rival, Silvia warns of the danger of Russia "many years out of the orbit, but with its young players is returning to have the potential of before" .

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