Leganés uncorks the social course with season tickets and their shirts

The prices of the first partner campaign after the pandemic will be announced next week. Some kits will also be revealed.


The Leganés is preparing to face next week a swing of social activity that will have its main course in the presentation of the season ticket campaign, and in the staging of some of its outfits a seasoning with which to start warming up engines to A course that in Butarque they want to be special, for that of reopening the stadium doors to a hobby that neither could fire their own in First Division, nor could they barely press to try to return to the elite.

The club itself has been in charge of warming up its engines for what is to come, recalling the last campaigns to attract members. From the 13-14 course, in which the return to Second was achieved, until 19-20, the last cash in which cucumber sentiment could be recruited. Last season the pandemic closed Butarque.

Fertilizers with memory

The Leganés could only launch an applauded proposal at the time. The entity offered to renew the full subscription for free for 20-21 in anticipation that, at some point, fans would be allowed to enter. Those who denied that option had the right to recover the corresponding amount of the five local matches that were not played, but in exchange they had to unsubscribe. There were hardly any exits. The Lega maintains the almost 10,300 partners with whom it said goodbye to Primera.

Despite the pessimistic forecasts, finally, only one game was able to hold an audience: it was the semifinal round of the promotion playoff with 1,500 seats that the club decided not to charge the members who, due to seniority or raffle, were able to access Butarque.

As soon as the dream of returning among the best faded, Leganés set to work to design a season ticket that could accommodate different scenarios: from partial tickets to the stadium to access to full capacity. Sources consulted by AS confirm that the entity will take into account the five games that could not be held with the public in the year of relegation. The objective, they slide, is to retain the social mass that was consolidated in First, despite the decline. Still, secrecy rules. Details will be revealed when the range of options is made public.

There will be a shirt with a message

In addition, the club will take advantage of next week to reveal some of the kits that will be part of the dressing room for next year. Secrecy is also in command here, but it has transpired that a model similar to that of past courses will be followed, that is, the outfits will be released little by little, and not all at once.

Among the shirts, as is the norm in Leganés since 2016, one of the jackets will be linked to some cause or social proclamation. In previous courses, colors were shown in favor of the fight against gender violence or as a tribute to health workers for their work in the fight against the pandemic.

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