Leganés, pending the possible sale of En Nesyri

Leganés maintains 10% of the capital gains generated by its sale of Sevilla. His goodbye for 40 million would leave 2 'kilos' in the coffers of Butarque.


The Leganés will remain attentive during the current summer market of the situation of Youssef En Nesyri and his possible departure from Sevilla. The pepineros maintain a right of 10% of the capital gains generated by their departure from the Seville team, which translated into the value of the offers that have haunted the Seville capital (about 40 million euros), could represent about two million euros the coffers of Butarque.

In Nesyri he left Leganés in the 2019 winter market. Sevilla paid the 20 million of his termination clause, but paid them not through this release option, but after reaching an agreement with Leganés prior warning that, otherwise , they would take the player using the clause. The people of Seville offered to pay those 20 million in three payments and, in exchange, provide the Lega with the transfer of Bryan Gil and 10% of the profits generated by the sale of En Nesyri to a third team.Siren songs of the Premier

In recent days from the Premier League it has been reported an offer of more than 40 million euros from Wolverhampton for the Moroccan international, which would mean 20 million benefits for the coffers of Seville. 10% of that amount are the aforementioned two million. Juicy figure, if produced, for a Leganés who, after failing to get promotion to First Division, will be forced to tighten his belt in his budget.

Txema Indias, Leganés sports director, acknowledged in AS that he did not know if this possible economic injection would go directly to enhance the club's transfer policy or if it would be used to reinforce other games. “That is more of a question for the secretary who keeps the accounts than for me. We already know in the numbers in which we move. I don't know if a case like this will affect us in the signings ”, he valued.

Will En Nesyri come out of Sevilla?

Until now, the theory. Now the practice, the one that arises from the key question: will En Nesyri come out of Sevilla? For now, the answer is a relative no based on how the market has moved so far and the footballer's attitude. In Nesyri, for the moment, he wants to stay at Sevilla to continue growing in a team with a Champions showcase in which, in addition, he feels that he can still contribute more despite his season (24 goals, 18 in the League and 6 in the Champions League).

Sevilla, for its part, remains waiting, first, for the offers that are aired in the Premier (the only market with financial muscle) to formally reach the capital of Seville. Eventually, they would study each other. Under normal market conditions, the aforementioned 40 million euros would be considered insufficient amount to sell to one of the Andalusian keys this season.

But the economic strains of a period marked by the pandemic, together with the club's need to settle accounts, could open the doors of the Pizjuán, as long as the player accepted his departure. A situation similar to that which affects other key pieces of the Sevilla team.

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