Leganés celebrates 93 years supported by five pillars to grow

On this day Leganés was founded. Today the entity bases its expansion on keys such as the return to the First Division or the consolidation of the social mass.

On that June 23, 1928, when the Club Deportivo Leganés was founded, its creator parents did not know that 93 years later, that modest team heir to the Club Deportivo Once Leones would evolve into a sports institution capable of having played four years in the First Division and be, by their own merits, a great team in Second. Abandoning the silver category is one of the basic goals that the club sets for itself in the short term. But there is more. There are five pillars towards which an entity that is celebrating its birthday today and that has in the word 'growth' the axis of its existence is projected.

Growth understood in those half a dozen fundamental fields. The primary (obvious) is the sports car. After relegation to Second, Leganés want to return to the elite. A natural objective consequence of four years among the best that, however, becomes more complex once the possible rebound of the first year after losing the category has been wasted. Without relegation aid, and although the club remains healthy, the team's sporting potential will not be the same as last year.Even so, within the club they recognize that ambition will remain latent without turning it into an obsession. "We want to be among the best, to be among the top eight," argued Garitano in AS. Months before, he had already made it clear that "for Leganés, being in Second can never be a problem", in a message that mixes the ambition of wanting to make the jump with the right pressure to prevent the desire from dragging the team to the well as it happened with other teams grown in their desire to return to First.

The return after the Pandemic

In the wake of the sports pillar, the other three on which Leganés base their yearnings to be bigger are developed. Best. Fundamental is the consolidation of a social mass that, with recent successes (promotion to Second, promotion to First) has grown remarkably, but which the pandemic and the loss of category have kept in a latent state.

This is a fundamental issue for a club that, throughout the season, has tried to develop initiatives that from a distance maintain the link between its people and the team. The new subscriber campaign will build on this idea. Leganés wants to see shirts around the city not be rare again, but custom as in the last five years.

Digitization and the Leganés brand

For this (third pillar) the club has immersed itself in a digitization plan with which to modernize the institution and make all its services more accessible, not only to the social mass (which also) but to its employees and even players and coaching staff. Accelerated modernity that already passed an important test when at the end of the last year, on the run, it had to launch a selective ticketing telematic service for the 1,500 lucky people who were able to experience the duel against Rayo in the playoffs on site. In just a couple of days, the entity developed an effective system beyond specific failures that, for example, in the case of the Lightning, became a serious problem.

That 21st century club image is another of the key pillars towards which Leganés wants to grow, which, for a long time, has been trying to promote its institutional brand as its own and distinctive sign of the rest of the clubs with which it competes. The closeness, the humor, the projection of the working values of the city and the complicity with its fans are some of the elements that make up the Leganés brand.International growth

The last pillar of Leganés crosses the borders of Spain. Since 2019 the club put into operation an internationalization plan that the pandemic and the decline have slowed down, but that with the reopening of borders will once again have a leading role. The opening of schools and international relations with foreign entities or the presence in markets such as the Japanese (taking advantage of the signing of Gaku Shibasaki) are some of the milestones in this field, another of those milestones that 93 years ago seemed impossible to imagine when it was founded. Club Deportivo Leganés.

Photos from as.com
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