Kyrgios: "Wimbledon? For me it's a vacation"

The Australian believes that tennis players prefer to avoid him in the first rounds of the London major. He has not competed since the last Australian Open.


After a few months in the shadows, away from the spotlight of a clay-court tour that he hates (he has not competed this year since the Australian Open), Nick Kyrgios is back in the news with some inflammatory statements. The Australian, despite not enjoying top seed status at Wimbledon, is always one of the toughest tennis players to beat on grass. So much so, that according to his criteria, no one wants to face him in the first rounds of the London Grand Slam.

"Wimbledon is an event I never want to miss. I can't wait to play at my best level, like a couple of years ago, I can't have high expectations. But I know nobody wants to play me in the first round. Right now I think I can. outperform 50% of the men's draw on this surface, without much preparation, "stated Kyrgios during his first pre-tournament press conference.

In said first round, the oceanic will be measured against the Frenchman Ugo Humbert, with whom he has tied the face to face (1-1). A premiere that does not seem to worry him at all, as does the tournament in general: "I don't want to sound arrogant, but this is a vacation to me, I will go to the Bahamas (where he has a residence) after Wimbledon and then I will play the season of cement in the United States. I have played three tournaments in a year and a half and I play with Humbert in the first round and it is already the most interesting game. It's fun. I don't feel obliged to play, but I know that a lot of people want to see me play. Nobody He has forced me. It is a decision that I have made. " For the good and the bad, genius and figure ...

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