"I knew Marc hadn't lost a shred of his magic"

Álex Márquez fell in the Sachsenring race, which did not mean that he was later on the podium, to celebrate with his brother a victory 581 days after the previous one.


Álex Márquez did not have his best day at the Sachsenring, because he fell at the first change and took Petrucci with him to the ground. However, he finished the German test with a smile from ear to ear, to see his brother Marc again, 581 days later, at the top of the podium.

-How much did the return to victory of his brother Marc compensate for the disgust he took for his fall?

-He deserves it and I was very clear that in Germany it would be competitive. I don't know if it was enough to win the race, but it was a good weekend for Honda, in general, and for me too, although my race result was not what I wanted. Marc has done very well. It came out very well, he attacked when he had to attack and, when four drops of rain fell, he knew how to take risks and was able to keep up, which was a doubt we all had, because of the grip, but he nailed it once more.

-Did you ever fear in bad times that you would never see him win again?

-No. When there are hard times, criticism rains down and it is normal. It is normal for a factory as large as Honda to have criticism and bad comments in these circumstances, but we must continue to grow. It is a very large factory, with a lot of reaction power, so we have to keep working, because we will have many problems that we have not had here on other circuits. I believe that the Netherlands will return to reality, but yes that positive steps have been seen here.

-You had made the penultimate podium for Honda, last year in Aragon, and the drought was ended by your brother Marc. Is everything easier with him?

-Yes, surely. The pressure inside the factory is more focused on him. Last year I felt a little lonely inside the box when he got injured, and with all the focus on me being a rookie. He leads the way with this bike and knows better than anyone, along with his team, this bike. Some issues have been fixed and it's because of the work we've all done.

-What does it mean on a sentimental and personal level to see your brother win 581 days later?

-It means a lot and I never doubted that this day would come on his part, because he works a lot. I have seen him train with various motorcycles and that he would arrive, that he had not lost a bit of that magic that he has even though he is not fully recovered. Many times he would throw a lot of guilt on himself and I would tell him to be calm, because I think we were not at the best moment with the bike. In Montmeló he was calm, because he saw that there were real problems and they did the pressure they had to do. He knew he would have that opportunity here. I had no doubts.

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