Kimpembe: "Mbappé won't take long to score a goal"

The French national team center-back appeared at a press conference to analyze Monday's game against Switzerland and review the news from Les Bleus.


The central PSG and the French national team, Presnel Kimpembe, spoke to the media two days after the match against Switzerland in the round of 16 of the European Championship. The defender analyzed Monday's game, in addition to talking about Mbappé's lack of a goal, the possibility of him playing as a left-back or the importance of Pogba in the team.

Mbappé: "The competition is not over yet. I do not think it is a problem for him not to score. He is at the service of the team and the goal will not take long to arrive. That he creates chances is the most important thing. First of all, victory and the points prevail above all ".

Paul Pogba: "We all know the quality of Paul Pogba. It doesn't impress me because I know him very well. I don't think we're going to give the rivals any clues about Pogba."

The possibility of him playing as a winger: "You have already answered the question (laughs). Both Lucas and Digne will not be dropped in the game, unless further notice. If the coach has to put me there, I will be at the disposal of the team."

Rabiot's winger position: "We talked about it during the game, but not afterwards. Adrien is also a great player and knows how to adapt. He already played as a defender when we were young, although I don't know if he was a winger."

The leadership of the group: "Leaving leaders of the group of death is complicated. I prefer to be first having had problems to second or third or eliminated playing well. We have to put things down. The objective was to be leaders and we are happy" .

The heat and the physical condition of the team: "It is clear that it is very hot, but it is something that all teams have to face. You have to hydrate well and recover well. We prefer the heat to the cold" .

Switzerland: "It's a great team with good players. I watched the game against Turkey especially and they played with great intensity. It was a high-level team and I thought it was a very aggressive team."

Griezmann's role: "Antoine is a former Atlético player. He knows where he comes from. We know his sense of sacrifice. We know what he gives us. He is not just an offensive player, but also a defensive player."

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