Jordi Alba enters the world of exchange

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Blaugrana side is interested in Inter, who would offer players to take him to Italy.

Jordi Alba (32 years old), second captain of the Spanish team and one of the pillars of Barcelona, has entered the world of possible exchanges that aim to mark the football market this summer as soon as the Eurocup ends.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Inter Milan is preparing an offer to Barcelona and the footballer himself to play next season in the current Italian champion. Given the lack of cash, the Italian team would base its offer on the exchange of players and would be preparing an offer with some names of its squad that could be of interest to the Blaugrana team.According to the Barcelona newspaper, the Laporta board would already have knowledge that this offer is being prepared, but informally, since no firm steps have been taken and there is no official contact.

Barcelona has been two seasons behind Lautaro Martínez, Inter's Argentine striker whom he failed to seduce at the time and before whom he no longer has economic arguments to undertake the signing.

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