Jon Rahm's Magic Triangle

Severiano Ballesteros, Torrey Pines and The Memorial spun Barrika's hero's sporting career to the US Open, the first major of many.


The first time that Jon Rahm rose to world number one, on July 19, 2020, he remembered his idol: “It has been incredible to enter history alongside Seve”. And the first time he was crowned in a major, last Sunday, already at dawn on Monday in Spain, he once again dedicated a few words to the genius of Pedreña: "This goes for Seve, I know he always wanted to win this tournament" . Indeed, Seve Ballesteros never conquered the US Open, but he did open the big door to Spanish golf with three titles at the British Open and two at the Augusta Masters. After him, Chema Olazábal, Sergio García… And now Rahm, who sees a bright future at 26 years old.

These two sentences with Seve as the protagonist stitch together three vertices of Rahmbo's career, three constants in his life that have marked his sporting progression. The first of them, the number one, was delivered in Ohio, after winning The Memorial Tournament. This season he was also on the way to winning this tournament, with a dazzling game, when the officials communicated his disqualification for a positive for COVID. Rahm received the news with tears. Only two weeks later he has won the US Open, whose participation was jeopardized. He cried again: of joy.

The second sentence was spoken on the grass of Torrey Pines, his talisman field. There, in San Diego, he made his first steps, still an amateur, with the Mickelson brothers, Tim and Phil, his godparents in his American career. There, he also debuted his record on the PGA at the Farmers 2017. There he proposed to Kelley Cahill, the mother of his son Kepa. And there he has won his first big. "Whenever I come, things happen," he said, hugging his last trophy.

Severiano Ballesteros, Torrey Pines and The Memorial have spun a magic triangle for Jon Rahm, Barrika's hero, until he was crowned at the US Open, the first major of many.

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