Hazard, under suspicion

He begins to assume in public that his ankle is never going to be "the old one." The club finds it increasingly difficult to enjoy Chelsea's Hazard ... and their contract is a slab.


Eden Hazard's right ankle remains a matter of state at Real Madrid even from a distance from the Euro Cup. Belgium is a balm for the white star and that is probably why he feels more liberated, to the point of admitting that his multi-operated articulation will prevent him from recovering his best version of the past. "I broke my ankle three times, I will never be the same one," the Madridista himself admitted last Sunday in public. A kind of resignation to not being the Hazard of Chelsea that delves into the concern of Real Madrid. The current Hazard is 'irreplaceable' in the market without assuming huge losses in relation to what he paid two years ago and his contract, for years and economic amount, is a slab for the economy of the white entity.

Hope in Chamartín had been Hazard's recovery from a mental as well as a physical plane. For this reason, he was allowed to do the last rehabilitation with the doctors of the Belgian team, with whom he feels safer. Hazard will have to deconstruct itself to reinvent itself. Especially if Mbappé arrives in 2022. Hazard has been developing in the same band as the French star, the left, so he would have to relocate, presumably as a playmaker or second striker. With fewer meters of grass than dribbling or long drives.

Hazard has been insisting that he will be one hundred percent (of his current version) in the eighth crossing and Roberto Martínez has given him full freedom. Even giving him the title in the game this past Monday with Finland. However, it continues to leave doubts. "It is far from its best version", analyzed Fernando Morientes during the television broadcast on Telecinco. "You have to see if he dares and what feelings he has." That concept, the sensations, is what brings Madrid upside down. Because it is the same that has been happening for several years with Gareth Bale, another harassed by injuries. Zidane told Eden after the last relapse that the last word on when, how and how much he would play would be himself based on the inputs offered by the ankle. The same as Bale with his twins. It also doesn't help that Hazard himself feels persecuted. "They're hunting for me," he complained after the tough 1-4 at Los Cármenes in mid-May. Against Finland, he hurt himself by tripping on his own when he was going to finish off the Finnish goal, this time on his left foot. Every time Hazard falls and does not get up, they jump in Madrid.

Under suspicion

The result is that Hazard lives in Madrid in a strange limbo, he has turned 30 and still has three more years on his contract, at a rate of 30 million euros gross per year. To that must be added the figures in variables that are accumulating to the fixed 100 million that the Madrid club paid to Chelsea. With an ankle placed under suspicion by Hazard himself, it seems difficult to attract potential buyers to assume the transfer of a footballer who does not get to play 30 percent of the possible minutes with his current shirt. That very hard kick from Meunier continues to reverberate in Real Madrid.

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