Girona, forced to a new revolution in its squad

Although only 13 players have a contract in force for next season, not all will continue. Francisco's continuity is also up in the air.


History repeats itself in Girona and the rojiblanca sports management must return to the path that was followed at the end of the previous season: go through mourning for not having been promoted to First Division, open the Second Division registration and discharge folder and work . Quique Cárcel, Girona's sports director, will have just over 50 days before the start of the next season and, with no time to lose, he is already immersed in negotiations. The one that interests the most is Francisco's. The coach ends his contract on the 30th and something that seemed on track in the event of promotion, now there are doubts.The intention, without a doubt, of the club is for Francisco to extend his contract and remain in command of the rojiblanco first team, but losing two playoff finals in just ten months is a difficult blow to digest and it is time to see if he is strong and capable to continue . If he had risen to First, the agreement would already be signed. Now, with this scenario, it is a coin toss. Of course, it is a decision that should not be delayed in excess because it is time to open the registration and deletion folder. Up to 13 players of the current squad have a contract in force for the next season and not all, due to the salary limit, would have a place. Stuani, with a contract until 2023, will once again star in one of the soap operas of the summer in a red and white key, but so will Sylla (2022), Juanpe (2022) and Santi Bueno (2024). They have a poster in Primera and abroad and offers are expected for them.

Of the current squad, Aday and Juan Carlos end their contract and only the goalkeeper has an offer to renew. It is an identical situation to that of Francisco: in First it would be a closed case, but given that it continues in Second it remains to be seen if the offer is maintained or undergoes changes, especially economic ones. Being a First team would allow us to see the future clearer because Luna and Cristóforo, who signed for one season with the option of one more (mandatory in case of promotion), are expected to leave the club. As well as all those on loan, who will return to their home clubs: Yan Couto, Bustos, Pablo Moreno, Monchu, Franquesa and Bárcenas.

Seven footballers return after their assignments

The sports management has a task and, in addition, it will see how in the coming days it will recover seven players who were on loan this year. They are Mojica, Jairo, Diamanka, Gallar, Iago López, Zeballos and Maxi Villa. As for Mojica, we have to wait and see what the idea of Elche is because it has a purchase option. The rest will be decided if they have a place in a Girona that is, for the second consecutive year, forced to renew energy after a new sporting blow.Current situation of the Girona team

-Players with a contract: Juanpe, Arnau, Calavera, Gumbau, Kebe and Sylla (2022); Ortolá, Bernardo, Samu Saiz, Valery and Stuani (2023) and Bueno and Terrats (2024) .

-Contract ends: Juan Carlos, Aday, Luna and Cristóforo.

-Loaned: Yan Couto, Bustos, Pablo Moreno, Monchu, Franquesa and Bárcenas.

-Return after loan: Mojica, Jairo, Diamanka, Gallar, Iago López, Zeballos and Maxi Villa.

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