Garuba could end up in the Lakers

The Madrid player, except for surprise, will play in the North American competition next season. In the draft forecasts, he occupies good positions.


New horizons for Real Madrid. After the first season, in the Laso era, without any of the three great trophies, the reconstruction makes its way. It has been a difficult course in the capital, it is no secret. Injuries throughout its entire course, protocols related to the coronavirus ... and exits to the NBA. That has been the constant for a team that has endured stoically until the end, and not in any way: in a Herculean demonstration, the Whites have been able to remain among the best, winning the Super Cup, reaching two finals and putting themselves in serious trouble. to the best team on the continent, Anadolu Efes. Against the Turks, precisely, one name stood out: Usman Garuba. One that also has new horizons ahead and, moreover, located in the North American continent. 10.4 points and 7.2 rebounds on average made Shane Larkin, Vasilije Micić and company stagger, who saw how a 19-year-old boy was able to sign them a 24 + 12 and, incidentally, a photo for posterity, fiercely gazing at the camera.

From less to more, much more, has been the season of the Azuqueca de Henares, which has ended up showing an excellent level in what were already virtues and has improved in what were supposed defects. Surely, having been more fierce in the final of the Endesa League has been his only duty at this end of the season, which has come to be, without any doubt, one of the most important pieces of the squad. And a good part of his hope. Fireproof in defense, and with tenacity and persistence as a flag, he has added integers to be a threat from long distance, has brought out an innate leadership capacity and has not hidden in the most delicate moments. In ACB, he has averaged 18:20 minutes, with 5.8 points and 5.3 rebounds. In Euroleague, 16:17 for 3.9 and 4 respectively. Along the way, three double-doubles and the awards for best young player in both competitions. It is already a reality. They know it in the National Team, with his presence in the pre-list for Tokyo as confirmation, and in the NBA, where he is running as a noble position name for the next Draft.

They are two paths that meet. In the United States, they follow the white player closely and, the latter, seems to have clear his next steps. In their environment, they take for granted that the next season will debut in the NBA and, as a confirmation, at the end of May, Usman completed the registration forms for Draft 2021. Right now, and already until the day of the gala, it seems It is inconceivable that his position in the national team could make him rethink his future, which, if confirmed, would require a prior payment of a clause. He will be a first-round player and, ahead, he will have many interesting projects.From the lottery to the big markets

A little over a month into the expected Draft night (July 29), the mocks, the forecasts of the possible order of selection, are fuming. Even more so this year, with one of the most promising litters of recent times waiting. Cade Cunningham, Jalen Suggs, Evan Mobley ... and Garuba. The Real Madrid player is not one of the star names of the generation, who lives in high standing standards, but he is one of the important ones. In these predictions, it is discussed between two realities: finishing in the first fourteen positions or around twenty. If the first option is completed, which would dispel all doubts about his decision (he would leave), Usman would land in a franchise that this year has not reached the playoffs, since these are the ones that opt for the greatest talents. If it is the second, which does not seem to be a sufficient reason to retain the player, the large markets of the continent may be a real option.

NBA Draft Room, for example, ranks Garuba as the 11th pick out of the lottery picks, ranging from 1st to 14th. Its owners, as the name suggests, will be determined through a lottery process and, for now, they represent a guessing exercise more typical of a fortune teller than an analyst. In any case, Usman can be there and, in the NBA, that's always a boost in terms of recognition. In all this, the Golden State Warriors plays an important role. The San Francisco franchise has its own first round in these positions and, in addition, the Minnesota Timberwolves, which traveled to California in the exchange between D'Angelo Russell and Andrew Wiggins. It is protected in the event of becoming a 1st or 3rd choice, but, equally, the Warriors will have an important weight in the Draft, in the lottery and, according to Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz, of ESPN, Usman could be a good option for them. "He is the type of defender ready for the NBA who, given his experience in the Euroleague and the ACB with Real Madrid, could help the Warriors return to the search for the Western Conference playoffs," they say about the white player . At the same time, they compare him to another, who is already part of the Bahia franchise and its history: "Garuba, who has often earned comparisons with Draymond Green during his rise abroad, is one of the strongest advocates. versatile of the Draft, with a relentless engine and the will to do all the things that are not seen on the track, playing both 4 and 5 and being important with Real Madrid ", they describe.

One more option, like so many others. Most, yes, are located a little further back in the mocks. ESPN itself, which defines him as "the best defender of the 2021 Draft", places him in the 15th position, already out of the lottery, in an election owned by the Washington Wizards. SBNation and CBS, for their part, delay him until the 18th, where Oklahoma City Thunder is, another case to analyze. The team led by Mark Daigneault, in its particular reconstruction, disembarks in this Draft with up to six elections. In positions to consider for Garuba, beyond the 18th, is the 16th, recently acquired through the movement between Al Horford and Kemba Walker. In the franchise, in addition, the reunion with Gabriel Deck could occur. From there, a double path opens up. The first leads the Houston Rockets, with up to three possible picks close to position twenty; the second, without ruling out any other option that falls within this range, can lead to two of the largest markets in the competition. To the New York Knicks, with elections 19 and 21, or the Los Angeles Lakers, with pick 22 (protected from 8 to 30, from which it is practically impossible for it to come out). A complex map that, in a very short time, will cease to be so. They will be pending on both sides of the Atlantic.

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