Furor in Serie A by Net

The goalkeeper has shown his desire to leave the club, which has valued him at 16 million euros. His agent, Giuliano Bertolucci, will be in Barcelona next week.


According to the newspaper Sport in its edition this Friday, Inter, Milan and Roma have been interested in the services of Neto Murara (19-7-1989), Ter Stegen's substitute for the last two seasons who has expressed his desire to leave the club months ago.

Barça already let the goalkeeper know weeks ago that he accepted his idea of leaving, but that he should go through the box. According to Sport, Net is worth 16 million euros. It seems difficult to think that this figure will be paid for a goalkeeper who has been unemployed for two years, but Milan need a goalkeeper after Donnarumma's departure and, at Inter, Handanovic is getting older. Roma, Sport reports, would pretend it if Pau López left Barça.

Neto's agent, Giuliano Bertolucci, could be in Barcelona next week to speak with the leaders of the Barça club. Bertolucci is also one of the representatives of Philippe Coutinho, who cannot find a possible destination.

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