Five urgent matters that Real Valladolid must resolve

Over the weeks, the Blanquivioleta club must be closing issues to be able to advance on the way back to the First Division.


More than a month after the relegation of Real Valladolid to the Second Division was consummated and after closing the hiring of the sports director and the coach two weeks ago, the club is working to close off some pending issues, some of them very Urgent for the future of the entity.

1- Presentation of the new club structure. Ronaldo Nazário, president of Real Valladolid, announced a sports revolution after relegation, but officially little is known about it. At the moment, the club speaks more Portuguese, with a Brazilian accent. Paulo André and Enrico Ambrogini already work for the club, it is assumed that above or in parallel to Fran Sánchez, but the Pucelana entity has not yet made the organization official. In addition, it remains to be confirmed who will be the coaches of the Promises and Junior Division of Honor. Julio Baptista, with an offer from Real Madrid to direct one of their youth teams, awaits the decision of the Pucelano club in case they offer him the position of Javier Baraja.

2- Departure of players. With 39 footballers with a token and 10 days before the preseason begins, on July 7, the club is working to release several of these footballers. Specifically at nine of a first discard list where, surprisingly, Anuar is found. In addition to the work to lighten the locker room, the sports management is working hard to clear up all requests for free starts or transfers of some players with whom the club wants to continue to maintain a relationship.

- Close the preseason games. As Pacheta announced in his presentation, most of the preparatory work will take place in Valladolid. The club, yes, has already announced five games, all of them within the community, and is working to close two or three more. Some of them could be outside of Castilla y León and even Spain, depending on the offers received by the club.

4- Subscriber campaign. Despite the fact that Javier Tebas said this weekend that the League will start with the fields at 70%, Real Valladolid does not see it clearly, assesses different scenarios and works to be certain before presenting a season of subscribers that either It may take a long time to show up as the League begins on the weekend of August 15th. At the moment, it has launched a survey among subscribers to find out what their intention is in the event that the possibility of an audience in the stadiums opens with the new season.

5- Around with the shirt. Despite the fact that every year the white and violet shirt is valued as one of the most beautiful, it will be interesting to see if, finally, the club and Adidas hit the mark with the purple color of the stripes on the pucelana shirt because in recent years it has tended more to purple than to violet.

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