Farewell to a giant: Felipe Reyes will announce his retirement tomorrow

The pivot will say goodbye in a ceremony with Real Madrid, his club since 2004. This season his presence was greatly reduced. Your resume is history.

It was an open secret and tomorrow it will be official: Felipe Reyes, a giant in the history of Spanish basketball and Real Madrid, will announce his retirement from the courts in a ceremony with the white team in which he will say goodbye to active basketball and will be honored for what has been a fabulous race.

During this season it was taken for granted that it would be the last active for Felipe, who leaves him at 41 years old and after having had a very reduced participation in a campaign that has allowed him to continue beyond the last one, marked by the stoppage by COVID.

Real Madrid won the Super Cup but lost the Cup and League finals with Barcelona and remained in the quarterfinals in the Euroleague. In any case, Felipe does not lack a curriculum: six years at Estudiantes (1998-2004) and seventeen at Real Madrid (2004-2021). With the schoolboys he won the 2000 Cup and then came the avalanche of white titles: two Euroleague (2015 and 2018), one Eurocup (2007), seven Leagues (the first in 2005, the last in 2019), another Five Cups ( between 2012 and 2017), five Super Cups, one nomination for the Best Euroleague Quintet (2015), two MVP of the Endesa League (2009 and 2015), two MVP of the League finals (2007 and 2013) and historical leadership in the League in games and rebounds.

With Spain, Felipe is also a legend: member of the Gold Juniors, inseparable for years from Pau Gaso, Juan Carlos Navarro and company, he has three Olympic medals (silver from 2008 and 2012, bronze from 2016), the 2006 World Cup and six metals in Europeans, three gold, silver and a bronze. In addition to, among others, that Junior World Cup in Lisbon (1999) in which a legendary generation of players came to the fore, of which Felipe has been a fundamental part. Today he leaves him in a ceremony with his club, Real Madrid, which will be at the height of his extraordinary career.

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