Fair and necessary victory for the Uruguay of Suárez and Cavani

Tabárez's team beat a weak Bolivia in a match in which the Green goalkeeper was a figure. Quinteros against and Cavani, the scorers.


Uruguay came out onto the court at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá with clear ideas: win, win and win. In front was a Bolivia that does not have unbalancing players but does not hide when it comes to playing. In La Celeste, Nández's entry gave him more openness on the right side and the claw of the former Boca contributed a lot to the team.

The first fifteen minutes were from Uruguay but Bolivia was not hiding. Cavani and Suárez were more mobile than usual but they weren't fine, although the state of the grass in Cuiabá didn't help either. The goal was getting closer and closer to the eastern side.

The best of the Green was Lampe. The former goalkeeper also from Boca saved the first Uruguayan goal in a play between the two above, between Cavani and Suárez, who gave it to each other but the goalkeeper saved in an agonizing way.

Los de Tabárez, unlike in the games against Chile and Argentina, arrived well on the sides. The criticized Viña went again and again on the left side while Vecino commanded the attacks from the middle of the field.

And from so much going, over and over again, the Celeste goal came. But it was not Cavani or Suárez, it was Quinteros against. De Arrascaeta's strong center for the two forwards ended in a goal from the defender against and this time Lampe could do nothing.

Uruguay kept looking for the goal, Cavani and Suárez despaired because they wanted their goal before anything else. Tabárez's team prevailed and Bolivia could not hold the rhythm of the game. From a free kick Lampe denied the Atlético de Madrid player the goal again.

The second half started just as the first one ended, with an overturned Uruguay entering from the sides and with a center from Viña to Cavani that ended in a shot from the Salto player but who was in charge of stopping Lampe again. The Bolivian goalkeeper was the highest figure of the match and took a spectacular ball from Bentancur, who had entered in the second half.

The entry of the Juventus player through De la Cruz gave Celeste more dynamics and a different pass to his teammates. Cavani, meanwhile, was desperate, he couldn't believe the scoring situations he was wasting.

And if the Tabárez team lacked offensive strength, the Maestro gave admission to Facu Torres, a young man from Peñarol. Playing on the left, he reached the area after a great cross from Valverde, but he was inexplicably unable to convert.

But Cavani will never stop trying and the goal came. Goal by Cavani, pass by Torres, goal by Uruguay. Lampe, in this one, could not do anything and Celeste was breathing.

Tabárez gave Suárez and Nández respite in the last minutes of the game, Uruguay won and qualified for the quarterfinals, for lack of knowing in what position and against which rival they would play in the next phase.

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