Facu Torres and the importance of the revulsive

The young attacker from Peñarol entered the field in the 60th minute against Chile and managed to revolutionize Uruguay's offensive section to a certain extent.


Uruguay is not finding it easy to find the way to goal in the Copa América. The Uruguayan team has players for this, and although the dangerous plays end up falling due to their weight to try to find the rival goal, those of Tabárez are lacking precision to get the ball into the goal.Before Chile, Uruguay accumulated a total of 17 shots (including blocked), reaching the goal in five of them. With Cavani and Luis Suárez sharing the lead of the attack and demanding prominence in the finish, the accompaniment that they have around them takes on a great weight so that it is more or less easy for them to score. The template is wide to make decisions regarding the eleven, but not only in the headlines everything is concentrated. The role of the players on the bench also becomes important.

Facundo Torres (2000) emerged as one of the proper names of his team in the match against La Roja. The impact it had on the green of Cuiabá was great. The young attacker from Peñarol entered the field of play in the 60th minute for De Arrascaeta, and with the score against him, far from shrinking against his rivals, he was emboldened to help his team achieve the tie that would end up prevailing at the end of the game.

Appearing on the right side of the opposite field, in the 40 'that Facu Torres had, he managed to finish as many times as Cavani and Luis Suárez throughout the 90s (3). But his performance did not stop there. Individually, he went out to the game to try things and that's what he did. He made two of the four dribbles that he tested as the minutes passed, in addition to generating two occasions that did not finish the goal. The confidence of the attacker was noticeable when, in addition to this, he was also in charge of taking out some set pieces looking for one of his teammates to get a clean shot. Facu Torres made a total of 5 centers between set pieces and plays.

The importance of having good boosters was highlighted in Uruguay. Daring, risk and decision were ingredients for this footballer to bring his team closer to the goal. He did not need to contact the ball much to transcend when it reached his boots, although he was looking for the ball. Facu Torres left his name written on the second date for the Charruas, and also praised the role of the bench. Something that, on the other hand, could end up being a differential in the Copa América.

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