Copa América 2021: how is the tiebreaker resolved in the group stage?

This Sunday and Monday the last dates of the group stage will be played and the enormous equality can leave heart attack resolutions to advance.


Group A will be decided on Sunday and Group B will be closed on Monday. In both there will be many positions to be decided and all teams will arrive with options to reach the quarterfinals. A single goal can make a difference and each team must also keep its eyes on the match that will be played simultaneously.

The Colombian and Chilean national teams are the two that will have rest days and will no longer be able to improve their position. The performances of the other teams will determine their final position.

Tiebreaker Criteria

Better goal difference Highest number of goals scored If the tie is maintained, classifies the winning team of the match played between the teams involved Disciplinary points in all group matches (only one deduction can be applied to one player in a single match): Yellow card: −1 point; Indirect red card (second yellow card): −3 points; Direct red card: −4 points; Yellow and direct red card: −5 points If the level is maintained after all these criteria, a lottery will be held.

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