Barça-City, friendly tribute to Unzué in summer

The good relations between clubs since Laporta's return come together in the invitation to the citizens. The game could be played the week of August 23, once the leagues have started.


According to the Què T'hi Jugues program of SER Catalunya through Luis Martín, and the journalist Pol Ballús, a Manchester-based journalist and City information specialist, through their social networks, Barcelona and Manchester City will play a friendly this summer in tribute to Juan Carlos Unzué and to benefit the fight against ALS. In principle, the game will correspond to the Gamper, but it is not confirmed pending the closing of the pre-season dates. The game could be double, since at the same time a female Barça-City could be played. The game could be the first game with an audience since the Estadi's doors closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Of course, it will depend on the dates, since the match could be played the week of August 23, once LaLiga has already started. There is, therefore, no official day for a match in which Camp Nou could present a ticket if it begins to allow a high percentage of capacity in the fields.

Barça-Ciy confirm that the relationship between the two clubs has undergone a noticeable improvement since the arrival of Joan Laporta to the presidency. And it will also allow you to see Guardiola, a myth of Barça, at the Camp Nou. Guardiola had already returned to the Camp Nou in the 2014-15 season with Bayern and in the 2016-17 season with City. Seeing him on the bench, however, is always attractive. And you already know, his return to the Barça bench is Laporta's great dream. A dream, surely, almost impossible.

The idea of a double confrontation, including a female Barça-City, and the gesture to Juan Carlos Unzué and the fight against ELA would also guarantee an entrance because the reason deserves it.

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