Bale says goodbye to the Euro

Nice striker double and goals from Maehle and Braithwaite qualify Denmark for the quarterfinals. It could have been Bale's last game for Wales.


How the story has changed. What began as a tribute to Shakespeare and his "Something Smells Rotten in Denmark", by Hamlet, Eriksen's heart drama through, has been transformed into a story of joy and color, more like the Little Mermaid, also originally from the Nordic country. . Even crabs dance. And it is that Denmark, despite all the adversities, will play the quarterfinals of this European Championship after eliminating Wales yesterday in what was probably Bale's last match with his team.

The Welshman made an effort to postpone his farewell, but he has the god of goal against him. He must have been jealous of the god of the golf hole. He started with energy and almost overtook Wales from the edge in a great start for the British team, who surprised by taking the initiative in the first minutes. The Welsh illusion lasted half an hour. What it took Dolberg to open the scoring in a play traced to the one that Bale had previously failed. Unlike the Madridista's shot, the Nice forward's shot from the edge of the area caught the thread inwards before which Ward could do nothing, only improve the photo with a stretched one.

Wales ceased to exist from that moment and Denmark, man by man, grew. Kjaer, Hojbjerg and Maehle are at a superlative level in the tournament and if they are joined by a committed Braithwaite, a dedicated Christensen and a multiplying Delaney, they become a very difficult team to beat. Hjumland's team took over the middle of the field and sentenced the match as soon as the second half began. In a counterattack, Braithwaite raced Davies into space and crossed into the box, where he did not find a finisher but did find an assistant. Neco Williams cleared badly and left the ball at the feet of Dolberg, who shot Ward and completed a double that puts his coach in a compromise, who will have to decide between him and Poulsen, who lost due to injury yesterday, in the next game. Maehle and Braithwaite, in the final minutes put the icing on the cake with two goals that certify that the side is one of the great sensations of the tournament and end with the sadness of the Barça forward, whom his teammates did not stop looking until he scored . The tale continues.

Page: "The second goal changed the game and there was a lack"

Wales coach Rob Page considered that the defeat in the round of 16 against Denmark was marked by a second goal that changed the game and that, according to the coach , should not have gone up to the scoreboard for a foul. "The second goal, so early in the second half, changed the course of the game and, although it is bitter to say it, for me there was a fault on Kieffer Moore," Page said at a press conference after the match. Wales captain Gareth Bale protested on the pitch and as he left the pitch, in a short interview with the BBC, he also said that he understood that the referee should have called a foul on Moore early in the play. "I imagine the referee was swayed by the fans here, but it is what it is. There is no point making excuses now. It is disappointing, is all I can say," said Bale leaving the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, where the fans Danes were a clear majority.

Beyond that play, the Wales coach said the team was "frustrated" by the defeat with a landslide. "We are all disappointed, hurt and we did not want our fans to see such a score" but "what this group of players have done, considering where they are domestically, is a major achievement," said Page. "The boys have been fantastic in the tournament (...), they have a lot of credit for what they have done until tonight," he added. Asked about the trips from one place to another to play his matches, the Welsh coach was not enthusiastic about the multi-site Eurocup. "I do not understand the format, if I am completely honest. We have been traveling all over Europe," said Page, who did not clarify his future and said that he will remain in the position until he is told otherwise. -EFE

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