An enraged monster: Bucks' feast and Trae Young's nightmare

Milwaukee overwhelms the Hawks in a perfect game and puts the 1-1 in the series, which travels to Atlanta. Insatiable Giannis leads a merciless steamroller.


After the scare, the trick came. On both sides. In the case of the Hawks, one of disappearance; in that of the Bucks, one of escapism, but with cheating. The volunteer, that person who always offered himself from the public to be a direct witness of magic, was Atlanta and Milwaukee, meanwhile, became an evil wizard. The cage had no exit door, it was a slaughterhouse, a slaughterhouse, a ... the cruelest place that comes to mind. Such was the appetite for blood that, 6.8 seconds before the end of the third quarter, and 40 points up, Mike Budenholzer was asking for a Challenge. At the end of the game, 125-91: bath, beating and, most importantly, 1-1 in the series, which travels to Atlanta. The last quarter, in full, was played with substitute players and Giannis Antetokounmpo and Trae Young, the stars, did not reach the half hour on their counter. Before, totally opposite paths: altogether, a tragicomedy, and it is not necessary to break down the term by players. 25 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists for the Greek and, for the point guard, 15 + 2 + 3 with a historical record of losses in the final phase and hecatomb in the percentages: 37.5% in field goals and 12.5% from triple. Disaster individually and collectively. Master class, without the right, not even, to questions.

Milwaukee came out with everything, refusing to receive a serious diagnosis, and Atlanta hand in hand with the usual, which began as always (and ended as almost never): with a little bomb that, although it houses great names in the history of basketball, each Maybe it's a bit more of Young. Surely the expected script for the series, one that, yes, is part of a journey of the unpredictable. Again. Antetokounmpo, with a splendid finger roll after reverse, left plasticity and Khris Middleton (15 + 7 + 8), with a triple to scare off the mistake (he failed 17 of 23 attempts in the opening duel), practicality: with him , closed a 12-3 partial to start. In a way, he spoke for everyone: the Bucks had just missed 28 3-pointers; Today, the first error came after four successes in a row and 3:41 minutes after the first quarter. If, in that encounter, the Wisconsin men scored, in total, eight times from long distance; today, there were only seven in the first quarter. Songs of storm. In spite of everything, the Hawks were still holding on like limpet (34-28) and Trae, even, had already rocked his shoulders, trying to turn the crash into a continuation of the previous one.

Mission impossible ... and no more dancing. Far from being the path to resurrection, it was to the slaughterhouse. They waited with sharp knives and, in an orphan exercise of pity, the Bucks rejoiced in their use. At the break, they arrived with a practically insurmountable difference (77-45), but, even more important, with the feeling that, for the Hawks, it was not the day: Jrue Holiday, totally alone (in a transition, with a pass from track to track, more crowded than usual), he scored at will and Young, after scoring his first, and only, triple of the game (with 8 attempts), could not transform a technical foul called on Bobby Portis, who has returned to the game. rotation for the series and went to the locker room with the public chanting his name. It was his, but it could be anyone's. Faced with its impossibility, the Fiserv Forum opted for songs, mainly for its great star and for a general party. They had seen their team 40 points ahead at the end of the third quarter (103-63) and with a score above 100 points, no one can blame them.

Bring Yong is lost

Many reasons and several names. Above all, one, who wanted to pick up the witness of the shine: Giannis knows how to play basketball and we must insist on it. Not only is he an almost physically perfect machine and a hammer in the paint, he is a basketball player, from b to b, with almost unbelievable versatility for his size. Reverse after reverse, sometimes to finish, sometimes to assist, he insisted; and action by action of the Greek, even successful in the free throws (3 of 4), those of Georgia sank more and more. If they got close on the scoreboard (38-32), they condemned themselves to the anger of a monster who was not there to play on the wire: a 21-0 run, final, led to a 71-40 and convert the six-point deficit in one of thirty-one, beyond the twenty-six that, against the Sixers, the Hawks had shown they can come back. Merit of those of Budenholzer, but also demerit yours. Thirteen losses and an endless number of defensive imbalances explained the feast and anticipated the end, which had its fate in an immaculate defeat: 19 losses and a fall in all statistical sections. 52.1% in field goals for 41.5%, 62 points in the paint for 30, 24 on second chances for 11, 29 assists for 13 ... and so on until tomorrow, we'll see if until the next round.

The 32 points at the end of the second quarter meant the second biggest difference in a Conference Finals. More: in them, no one had managed to turn it over and the Hawks had more losses than possessions with a touchdown (7). It was not the day, of course. At the end of the game, the balls lost by Trae Young surpassed the highest historical record in the playoffs (nine, ahead of James Harden and Chauncey Billups, a current man) and the point guard was not for vacillating gestures. Holiday was drying him up (2-for-8 shooting and 6 for losses to him) and the rim protection army left Clint Capela practically rebounding orphaned. Something very close to perfection, surely. She was touched by Holiday (22 + 2 + 7 with 64.3% and 65%) and Brook López (16 + 1 with 75% and 60%) and, somehow, she was reached by Pat Connaughton (9 points with 100% in both sections). Neither Kevin Huerter (8), John Collins (11 + 8), Capela (2 + 8) or Bogdan Bogdanovic (8) knew her, visibly sore in his knee. Trick, far from the end, but from a monster who, disguised as a magician, is very hungry. To what extent he has been satiated, to be discovered.

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