A cruel ending at the Eurobasket

A succession of events that did not have to happen, but did happen, have ripped Spain off its Eurobasket and, even worse, from the 2022 World Cup.


Sport distributes joys and sorrows equally. When someone smiles, there is also someone who cries. The Women's Basketball Team has smiled many times in recent times, especially during that glorious string of seven medals in seven consecutive years, from 2013 continental gold to 2019 continental gold, a streak that includes two world podiums and an Olympic podium. a period of splendor that today is valued much more, just when a succession of events that did not have to happen, but did happen, have pulled Spain out of the fight for its Eurobasket and, even more cruelly, also from the next World Cup. Mondelo's team lost this Saturday to Russia and has been left out of the top six. But the slip started much earlier ...

The championship has already started poisoned with the positives of Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde five days after the inauguration. Two relevant players who had to be substituted on the last straight. Still with the recent impact of the news, Spain conceded an unexpected defeat against Belarus in their debut, which ended up conditioning the crossing of the quarters against their executioner. The National Team did not play well in that premiere, with a percentage of 27.69% in field goals, but even so it could have taken it forward. A Bentley basket on the horn prevented overtime. A basket that sometimes goes in and sometimes doesn't. That is the greatness and misery of basketball. Cristina Ouviña suffered it against Serbia in her flesh. He had two free throws to reach the semifinals, with a second and a half to go, but he missed one. Ouviña cannot be singled out for that, the shots are only missed by those who shoot them. Basketball is a team sport. That point took Lucas Mondelo's women out of the medals… and the World Cup. That's how subtle the step can be that separates success from glory. And the smile of crying.

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