A 'Laker', arrested for possession of marijuana

Los Angeles Lakers player Alex Caruso was arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana. The base was released the same day.


Alex Caruso was arrested for possession of marijuana. It happened in Texas on Tuesday of this week, when the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers player was arrested by Texas police. According to different US media, including Bleacher Report, the records of the Brazos County jail recorded Caruso's entry into the prison, which he left that same Tuesday. According to the latest information, the Los Angeles player was arrested when he was about to board a flight at McKinsey airport.

Journalist Ramona Sherburne has had access to Lieutenant Bobby Richardson, of the Texas Police Department, and it was the agent who revealed to her where Caruso was detained. While trying to catch the plane, the Transportation and Security Administration searched their bags, where they found an herb grinder that contained marijuana.

Caruso is one of the Los Angeles Lakers most beloved players. His friendship with LeBron James and his way of being have allowed him to win the sympathy of the fans and he always appears as one of the favorites of the public. Now, I drink covered by a very different problem and that has been very present in the NBA, with many players speaking in favor of the legalization of marijuana. At the moment, Caruso is the protagonist in social networks. And for something different from what is usual for him. Things that happen

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