What planet did you come from, Acosta?

The rookie, who was second last Sunday, wins starting from the pit lane and after losing 11.8 with his head to the finish line on the first lap.


What planet did Pedro Acosta come from? Say it. It is an alien. Otherwise it is not explained what this 16-year-old boy who is making his debut in the Moto3 World Championship has done. Last Sunday he was already able to finish second in his first GP and in the second, starting from the pit lane due to suspension and losing 11.8 with his head as the first lap passed, he was able to come back, reach the group and win the Doha GP. Impressive! And as an extra prize, the leadership of the category, because Masiá met Rodrigo on the last lap to get third and finished ninth.

The Tiburon de Mazarrón was sanctioned to start from the pit lane along with six other drivers for irresponsible driving in free practice, for cutting gas to prevent them from catching a wheel, because in his case it is clear that he does not need to tailg the wheel of anyone. And when it came down to it, he believed in his chances more than anyone and pulled the sanctioned group to reach the lead squad on the twelfth lap, which came to be made up of 21 units before a few pilots crashed.

The one who broke the group by taking the lead three laps from the end was Masiá, who was defending the lead in this race, leaving six ahead with podium options. Among them was Acosta, who became the leader before starting the last lap and in it he began to pull like a demon so that no one would hit him with an ax. The one who did the most to chase him was Binder, who ended up crossing the finish line 0.039 behind this new star who has signed the fourth youngest victory in history, only surpassed by Öncü, Fenati and García. And further back, as third and without any hope of victory for Pedro's final pull, Antonelli to 0.482.

The list of the top ten was completed by Migno, Toba, Guevara, Sasaki, Yamanaka, Masiá and Fenati. The sixth of the also rookie Guevara has a lot of merit, because in the warm up he suffered a hard fall that took him to the circuit clinic. There it was ruled out that he had anything broken or cracked despite the pain in his right hand and wrist, so he went out for a run and did it wonderfully.

The race was very bumpy, with falls for Artigas, Salac, Alcoba, McPhee, Tatay, Fernádez and García. Alcoba's was at the end of the straight, when he did the sharpener with Binder and his motorcycle hit McPhee, who also fell and when he got up he went to kick the Spanish. The Scotsman did not understand that it was a career set, and wanted to take justice on his own. Big mistake.

Returning to Acosta, his performance was so stellar that he immediately received the congratulations of Marc Márquez on social networks, who said: "Pedro Costa is good, very good. Congratulations on your first World Cup victory of the many there will be. Bravo ! ". And now let's see what Schwantz says, who was already amazed with his second place and congratulated him on it through AS. He knew something, because he said that that second was not the best he could get. Now he owes him the congratulations of victory.

Photos from as.com
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