Villamarín, decisive judge in the Betic dream towards Europe

The verdiblanco team faces three consecutive appointments at home to measure its continental candidacy. He hasn't lost in Heliopolis for two months.


Atlético de Madrid, Valencia and Athletic de Bilbao. They are the next three rivals for Betis in the League and all of them will visit Benito Villamarín to measure the reliability of the Verdiblanca candidacy for Europe. Three appointments at home that hope to the Betic fans with a view to achieving the continental goal, the one that was pronounced in silence at the beginning of the season and that now assails the league scene in its fullness. "It is always better that we play at home," said Manuel Pellegrini a few days ago when asked about the advisability of chaining three consecutive dates at home. The figures give the Verdiblancos a certain optimism: they have not known defeat at Villamarín for two months, when Ronald Koeman's Barcelona stormed their fiefdom.

Betis did not show such certain reliability at home throughout the season, but its qualitative leap in 2021 also enables a notable improvement in this parameter. With Atlético as the first adversary in this particular race through Europe, Pellegrini intends that the seal installed in Heliópolis during the second part of the season has signs of continuity until the end. Without an audience, but with the confidence renewed by the good performances of the team in the last days at home.

The Verdiblanco project also takes hold of the good work of its technician in the final stages of the season. He showed it with Villarreal, Málaga and Real Madrid. The decisive moment to meet the objectives opens the doors for Betis with Villamarín as an exceptional witness to measure whether expectations grew above what is allowed or not. "We are where we want to be, we have to do it well now to be able to continue to the end," said Andrés Guardado yesterday, aware that the next three appointments in Heliópolis could be a key point in this course.

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