VAR: Koeman's complaints

The Barça coach, who was already warned of a penalty for his criticism of video refereeing, exploded after the Clásico prior to the Cup final.


Ronald Koeman approached the Classic with a dialoguing spirit. The Barcelona coach spoke well in the preview of the stage, the rival coach, his team and the designated referees, but once again, after the game, he exploded in the final interview and in the press room due to his misunderstanding by the application of the VAR.

Koeman criticized that they did not intervene in the play in which Mendy fought with Braithwaite and the Dane fell in the area. "If everyone has seen the game and you are from Barcelona, you are hot and unhappy about two decisions of the referee. It is true that in the first half we have not been well, neither attacking nor defending. In the second half we have improved but I only ask of the Referee who makes decisions right. It is a penalty for Braithwate. Very clear. We have to accept it and shut up. I have already said what I think. I do not want to say that we have lost because of the referee, but there are plays that have affected us, "Koeman explained.

The Barcelona coach understood the attitude of the referee, but did not understand why the VAR did not review that play. Asked about the video refereeing procedure, the Barça coach added that "the penalty is very clear. It is impossible to fall this way if you are not caught. The lineman was ten meters away and has not seen anything. There is no VAR. I do not know why there is VAR in Spain, there is a lineman, four umpires and VAR. I still don't understand how it works in Spain ".

These were almost the same words that Koeman said on October 24 after the Classic that was played at the Camp Nou when the VAR did enter a play that ended in a penalty in a ball dispute between Lenglet and Ramos at the exit of a corner kick.

On that occasion Koeman said that "I have told the referee that I hope they can explain the issue of VAR to me here in Spain. In five rounds, the VAR only comes against Barça. two reds from Getafe, there are several examples ... Why is there only VAR against us? That's what I asked the referee ".

The Competition Committee entered ex officio on November 4 to judge whether these words were worthy of sanction. Finally, on December 28 of last year it was ruled that those statements "have not detected any indications of commission of disciplinary infraction" .

A file was also opened that day to the then manager Xavi Vilajoana for his demonstrations on social networks in which he charged against the referee. In his case, he did receive a financial sanction of 1,803 euros, according to article 100 bis of the Disciplinary Code, when dealing with statements against the arbitration group.

Being a repeat offender in this type of statement, it is not ruled out that Koeman may be finally sanctioned this time. During the game, the Barcelona coach saw a yellow card for protesting and at the end of the game he was very fired up with the referee, as did Gerard Piqué, who despite not playing won another yellow. It should be remembered that next Saturday Barcelona will play in the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Club.

On the other hand, Joan Laporta, in his social networks, dedicated himself to encouraging the team and made no mention of the refereeing of Gil Manzano.

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