Valencia will play its first European final against Venice

The taronjas beat Carolo with a perfect first time and an outstanding Raquel Carrera (22 points and 8 rebounds).


Valencia Basket will play the first European final in its history. The taronjas beat a Flammes Carolo (68-80) who landed in the game too late. A magical first half sustained a victory for Rubén Burgos's women who give him the prize of fighting for his first title next Sunday, at 7:30 p.m., against Reyer Venecia.

Up to 27 points came to dominate their rival Valencia Basket in the second quarter. However, the French rallied and came to scare the Valencians by putting themselves within 8 points in the fourth quarter. But Raquel Carrera appeared, spectacular, to drag her team to victory. 22 points and 8 rebounds in a Eurocup semifinal, at just 19 years old. Trahan-Davis was his best lieutenant, with 15 points and three sacks.

Valencia Basket came out ready to grab their first European final since the opening jump. It was a gale taronja from the beginning. Raquel Carrera, with continuous entries to the basket; Allen and Gulich dominating the rebound and especially the bases, Ouviña, Queralt Casas and Anna Gómez, assisting in each attack. The French women at the Flammes Carolo were out of their minds. In fact, they only got 8 points in the first quarter, for the 27 of the taronjas.

The change of period was of no use. The taronjas continued striking: Queralt, of three; Queralt, robbery and counterattack on a tray; Ouviña, of three. Precisely a triple from the Aragonese put the highest income in the entire match (14-41, min. 15). An abuse in a Eurocup semi-final. With almost everything lost, the French were released and in Valencia everything did not enter either. It was impossible. Even so, a triple on the horn of María Pina left a round 24-48, at halftime.

In the final

However, the French had not said their last word. The taronjas came out of the dressing room with some relaxation and little by little the Carolo players began to gain confidence. And this short-circuited the players of Rubén Burgos. Now yes, the French got everything. Pouye and Miyen were hitting three and were cutting the advantage. until 42-51 (min. 26) the galas came closer. Ouviña and especially Raquel Carrera, moving the French centers well, came to the rescue at a difficult time. The French women continued to do their thing. And the advantage was around ten points.

This is how the last act was entered, with everything still to be decided, after Valencia Baket won 27 points in the second quarter. A basket from Diallo made it 54-62 and the nerves re-entered. No to Raquel Arrera, who starred in a 3-10 partial, with a triple by Rebecca Allen a la Prepelic, who killed the game (58-74), with 3:30 left to play. The worst, the injury to Marie Gulich who withdrew with a blow to the face, a few seconds from the end.

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