Valencia will be in the quarterfinals if Zenit loses a game

The taronjas officially beat TD Systems Baskonia in the Spanish duel and depend on a failure by the Russians to reach their goal.


Valencia won the fratricidal duel in La Fonteta against TD Systems Baskonia (86-81) and now, after Madrid's triumph, they will have to wait for Zenit to lose one of the two games that remain to be played (Maccabi and Panathinaikos) to being a team in the quarterfinals of the Euroleague, their goal at the beginning of the season Baskonia fought until the end, although their carom to pass already had to be epic. It went down on the final stretch.

The taronjas do their job, they finish with 19 victories and now it's time to wait. They lacked the Olympiakos but now there is no use lamenting. Derrick Williams (16 points and 25 PIR) once again showed that he is in the best moment since he arrived and Dubljevic, despite not shining too much, signed a roster with 11 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.

The Baskonia depended too much on the Henry-Giedriatis-Polonara trio. The French point guard (19 points and 7 assists) brought the entire Taronja defense in check but with 9 seconds left he missed two crucial free throws. Polonara also missed a released triple, in the final seconds, which could change the fate of the duel.

Valencia Basket left lethargic with incomprehensible losses against a much more involved Baskonia. Giedriatis and Polonara struck from long distance and it took the locals a world to score. Until Derrick Williams entered the game. The American, with the help of Dubljevic, who entered through Tobey, changed the course of the first quarter. Stuck like never before, he scored a +18 valuation in the first act that gave Valencia the first income. Two free ones by Dubljevic put a more than hopeful 23-16 but Henry started his recital with five points in a row to mitigate a Williams who was still on fire.

Ponsarnau pulled the roster and it worked from the start. Two triples by Dubi and Sastre put the maximum taronja (33-26, min. 14) just after a tapozano in the heights of Labeyrie. However, there Valencia suffered one of those usual disconnections this season. He abused the triple (4 of 17 in the first two periods) and Baskonia began to run. Bad thing for Valencia. Ivanovic now did see something similar to what he was drawing on the blackboard. A 6-18 run, with Henry managing operations, left the visitors +5 at half-time.

Part Two

The third quarter was a roller coaster. Baskonia started asleep and Valencia got to one. Ivanovic was adjusting until he changed three pieces in less than two minutes. And boy did it adjust. A 2-10 partial with a triple by Giedriatis put Valencia on the ropes (47-56, min. 16). But the local team held on to the game, based on defense, and with free throws in the face of the thicket in attack. Point by point they went back until a triple by Marinkovic put them ahead after many minutes. Polonara responded with another but Prepelic on the horn of the third act showed why he is the king from 6.75. +1 for Valencia with a quarter to play.

A guerrilla war in every play. This was the final act of Valencia and Baskonia in this Euroleague. The marker was a slide, point up point down. Henry, Polonara and Giedriatis brought it all together in Baskonia. In Valencia, Kalinic took gallons, in the final act. Tobey hurt downstairs. A 2 + 1 by the American and two free by Williams almost left the game sentenced (83-77), with 39 seconds left. He had to do everything wrong to lose Valencia. And he was about to do it. Peters, with a pat, and two free Sedekerskis squeezed it, 83-81, with 9 seconds left to play. Williams missed three of four free throws that Baskonia forced. Taronja agony. But finally, a basket under the rim from Dubljevic put an end to the anguish. Now it's time to wait for Zenit to stumble to celebrate.

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