Valencia believes in the quarters

Derrick Williams scores 9 fundamental points in the last five minutes that culminated a magical comeback against Alba Berlin.


Valencia Basket will arrive alive on the last day despite the debacle against Olympiacos 48 days ago. He beat Alba in Berlin (86-90) and now he has clear accounts. They have to beat Baskonia on the last day, at La Fonteta, and also that Zenit lose one of the two games they have left to play (Maccabi and Panathinaikos) or Real Madrid fall on their visit to Fenerbahçe, on the last day ..

The taronjas had it very difficult against Aíto's team. Once again they made a regrettable first half and lost by 18 in the second quarter. But in the last two quarters they shook an Alba who ended up succumbing to an exalted Prepelic on the outside (24 points and 7 assists), a stellar Tobey in the pick and roll (12 points and seven rebounds) and a Derrick Williams who signed his best minutes since landing on the No. 2 band in the draft. The American crossed the sky of Berlin in the final moments to score two alley-oops and a 2 + 1 with an additional shot that left Aíto's combative team fried. The power forward finished with 15 points and 5 sacks.

Always behind on the scoreboard

Van Rossom scored a triple on the first play. Maybe it was a continuation of the fourth quarter against Olympiacos. Well no. It was the only taronja advantage until the last minute of the game. The taronjas again made the same mistakes as against the Greeks and conceded huge partials. From the beginning a 10-0, with continuous losses and German facility to notice. Ponsarnau was slow to stop him and then he changed the entire quintet. With Kalinic, there was a slight improvement despite the insistence on shooting three (the next 8 failed after Van Rossom's initial). Valencia approached six. But there Schneider, two triples, and Eriksson, another, gave the first serious blow to the taronjas (26-13, at the end of the first quarter).

Without wanting to, Valencia had returned to get into the dynamics of last Wednesday. Failures under the basket, childish errors in defense, Alba's triples when the possession count was at zero ... Each adverse circumstance was another ghost that got into the heads of the hoarse players. A 3 + 1 from Eriksson put the highest income in the whole game (35-17, min. 12) for the Germans. Prepelic's mistake ... something that at least spurred him on for the rest of the match. Up to four consecutive triples made the Slovenian who was the only one who kept Valencia at an acceptable distance. Van Rossom and Kalinic were also pulling the boat. Without them, he would have been adrift at rest. The 10 losses before passing through the changing rooms were a lot of drag. Above all, because behind, Aíto's inner men did what they wanted with Dubljevic, Williams and Labeyrie. With the advantage hovering around ten, a triple by Mattisseck put back the +15, although two more triples by Van Rossom and Prepelic, truffled with two free ones by Siva, left him at 53-42 at the break.The appearance of Tobey and Derrick Williams

Valencia had to leave everything in the last two quarters to avoid throwing the goal of the season down the drain. After an initial basket from Siva, Valencia began to use the pick and roll with Tobey and move the ball. A mate from Williams's back made it 58-57 but the game was equalized after a long time with another mate from Tobey (61-61, min. 27). Aíto stopped him, took out the African giant Koumadje and ordered a boxed zone and one, a rare bird in professional basketball that truncated the Valencian comeback. Many of the taronja players surely did not attack that defense from fry. Aíto got what he wanted. The taronja gale stopped and Alba gave another little tug to go +6 to the last quarter.

In those 10 minutes it was the being or not being of Valencia in this competition. Fontecchia and Olinde made it 74-64 from the start ... things were getting complicated again. But in a fit of pride, the taronjas tied the duel (79-79) with a 3-12 partial, after a counterattack culminated by Kalinic. It was time to kill the match and Derrick Williams had the gun sharp. After an exchange of baskets, the first taronja advantage arrived with a matazo of his (83-85) with 1:17 left to finish. Fontecchia resisted with a triple but the North American hit the most important basket since he arrived after capturing an offensive rebound, with an additional shot, with 31 seconds left. Two free ones by Van Rossom finished securing the victory.

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