Valencia Basket makes history 'a la Carrera'

The taronja won a heart attack final in which Raquel Carrera decided the match with only one second left to go and the Eurocup had an Italian color.


Historic night for Valencia Basket. The club chaired by Juan Roig, with just 7 years of existence in the women's section, achieved its first title after a heart attack final in which everything was decided in the final seconds. The meeting was a constant give and take in which the stars of both teams, Queralt Casas (20 points) and Anderson (26), led their teammates to reach the final minutes with a tie on the scoreboard. There again the figure of Anderson was key and put hers ahead with only one second to play, but then a Raquel Carrera appeared who in the last quarter was unstoppable to masterfully execute a strategy action worth a final and a Historic Eurocup.

The pressure did not weigh on either of the two teams at the start of the game and from the first moment they saw the basket with ease, as both Italians and Valencians made almost perfect first minutes with very high shooting percentages (5/6 and 4 / 5 respectively). This high success led to the game being a constant round trip in which both teams scored any forced shot and where Queralt Casas and Anderson soon assumed the scoring leadership.

To end the first period and as soon as the second began, those of Fernando Burgos committed a couple of losses that separated them on the scoreboard to 4-5 points, a distance that remained until the break. Little by little the duel stabilized and it was then that Gintare Petronyte (10 + 11) assumed the leading role of the Italians under the boards. Their 6 rebounds at half-time forced the 'taronja' to switch to an effective 2-3 zone defense to reinforce the inside game, which added to the success of Rebeca Allen (16 + 7) allowed the Spanish to reach the rest only five down on the scoreboard.

With the start of the second half, Valencia stepped forward on a defensive level to try to contain an inspired Venezia. With five steals in five minutes, those of Rubén Burgos went from being five under to three up in large part thanks to Trahan Davis (15 + 6) dominating under the hoops but also from the middle distance. Time out by means of, the Italians woke up and returned to put the +4, but again the taronja countered and reached the final stretch of the match with a tie at 63.

And if throughout the game the percentages of successes had been very high, when reaching the last quarter the wrists began to tremble. With the score tied, the baskets fell slowly, the defenses took center stage and the Italians notably covered Queralt Casas and Allen. It was then that Raquel Carrera (13 + 4) appeared, scoring 6 key points that allowed the Valencian women to reach the last three minutes with a five-point advantage.

And there came the time for the leaders. Anderson and Queralt took responsibility for the key shots and again a star Raquel Carrera made it 79-80 with 22 seconds left and possession of the Italians.

Anderson, the best of the night, assumed gallons and scored the key basket, leaving only one second for the 'taronja' to come back, but once again Raquel Carrera, after a masterfully executed strategy play, forced the decisive foul. And there her pulse did not tremble, the Galician scored the two free throws and sentenced a heart attack final that is already history in Valencia Basket.

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