Trash bags and to the beach

Sainz, Laia, Button, Chadwick, Rosberg and others who make up the championship, cleaned a beach to raise awareness about the environment.


It was perfectly staged by Cristina Gutiérrez on her 'Instagram' with two videos. "This is what the world gives us ...", he wrote while teaching a dream beach on the Red Sea with white sand and crystal clear water. "And that is what we give to him," he added as he showed an area full of garbage and plastics next to the shore. Raising awareness against climate change, that is one of the great objectives that Extreme E pursues beyond giving a show with their careers. And what better way than to do it with world-class pilots.

Almost the first task that the women and men who make up the electric championship grid had to do in Saudi Arabia was to arm themselves with garbage bags and go to Ras Baridi, a beach located 50 kilometers north of Yanbu. So that? To clean it. That was the first action of many that Extreme E will do to the places it visits to promote caring for the environment. This beach is a key point in the reproduction and breeding of sea turtles in the area, which are increasingly affected by human actions.

Thus, Carlos Sainz, Laia Sanz, Jenson Button, Jamie Chadwick, Nico Rosberg or Alejandro Agag himself among others, did not doubt it for a moment. And, after listening to the scientific explanations about the problem suffered by that beach where they were from Professor Carlos Duarte, they got to work to collect plastic bottles and other remains despite the fact that the wind did not put it at all easy. They saw first-hand that Extreme E is an adventure outside the wheel as well, one with which to set an example for those who follow.

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