There are only two places left: Madrid fight for one without Laso and with Tavares injured

The whites, with the doubt until the last minute of a diminished Tavares and without their coach, have to beat Olympiacos to depend on themselves in the very tough last day.


The accounts of Madrid, Baskonia and Valencia to qualify for the Euroleague quarter-playoffs are like the economic forecasts of the Bank of Spain, which are constantly updated. And in those we walk now, in review continues according to the latest results. Bayern's victory yesterday in extremis against Zalgiris already leaves six classified (those from Munich accompany Barça, Efes, CSKA, Fenerbahçe and Armani Milan) and only two places for four teams, the three Spaniards and Xavi Pascual's Zenit San Petersburg . Baskonistas and taronjas, who are measured next week in La Fonteta at the close of the regular phase, need to win and that Zenit or Madrid fail, that is, it is not only in their hands.

Whites, on the other hand, do have the future in their own. They come from falling at home to Efes, CSKA and Barça, the first three of this Euroleague, and they need the victory tonight against Olympiacos (9:00 p.m., Dazn) to qualify because whenever they win they will continue to depend solely on themselves . The last day, moreover, is great, next Thursday on the Fenerbahçe court with the Turkish team in full fight for the home court factor. So do not expect gifts, not today from those from Piraeus, who, although they do not play anything, arrive motivated after their unexpected victory on Wednesday in Valencia. Self-love, that of Spanoulis and Printezis against a Madrid without Pablo Laso on the bench if the recourse to the sanction of a match does not prosper after being sent off on Tuesday against Efes for two techniques. The coach may go to the Palace, but away from the bench (in the upper tier or in a box) and without accessing the court or the changing rooms. The use of mobile devices with their assistants during the match is also not allowed. Chus Mateo, second to Vitoria since 2014, will act as first, as he did on Tuesday in the last quarter.

El Real, in addition, is on edge due to the discomfort in Tavares' left hip, which has set off all the alarms. The pivot is the absolute supporter of the team in these difficult times and the most valued player in the Euroleague with 598 credits (ahead of Mirotic, 554 in 7 fewer games). It will be doubt until the last minute. Yesterday he tried to exercise with his classmates and could not complete the session due to pain. However, a major injury is ruled out after Garuba's hard fall on him against Efes (and previous lack of Singleton), which could even cause damage to his knee.

The downside is that there is hardly any recovery time. Given the significance of the duel, he will try to lend a hand if he can. Regardless of his 2.20 m, at 29 years old his physical condition is exemplary. In fact, he is the only one in the squad who has played it all: the 64 games, the 32 in the Euroleague, the 27 in the ACB plus the three in the Cup and the two in the Super Cup (Garuba, for example, missed a cupbearer duel). He accumulated 135 more minutes on the track in the Euroleague than the second, Deck, with an average of 26 in which he achieved 11.6 points, 8.2 rebounds, 1.7 blocks for a 18.7 PIR.

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