The strategy by Mbappé

The information that highlights the player's refusal to renew with PSG intensifies. Madrid awaits the moment to make a move.

The information that highlights the little interest of Mbappé in renewing with PSG intensifies with the passing of the weeks, as the season progresses and we approach the month of July, the starting point of the summer market. This same week, Cadena SER and Cuatro announced that the player has already communicated to the Parisian club that he does not want to extend his relationship, which expires in June 2022, urging PSG to put a price on it this summer so that they can obtain a good amount for Bondy's attacker. Mbappé has a long list of suitors and Real Madrid appears in the leading group, a team for which the forward feels affinity since his childhood.

Florentino Pérez is determined to give the planning of the Madrid squad a rudder this summer with several additions and a high-cost signing, but also with the ability to offer economic return to the club thanks to its commercial pull and advertising contracts and sponsorship it will generate. In that section, Mbappé is the ideal: young, only 22 years old, but already a world-class star, champion of France several times and of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in which he was the figure of his national team. He only lacks the Champions League, a tournament that he touched last year and through which he is currently going with everything he has: he scored four goals against Barcelona in the second round and has already led Bayern two, only in the first leg of the quarterfinals.Mbappé ahead of Haaland

Madrid had set its sights on Haaland in recent weeks, for the reason: the Norwegian forward is looking for a way out of Borussia given the practical reality that his team will not play the next edition of the Champions League; his agent, Mino Raiola, took a walk through Barcelona and Madrid last Holy Thursday accompanied by the footballer's father, a declaration of intent for Borussia, who had denied him the option of leaving this summer the day before. On paper, Haaland seemed and seems a more feasible signing than Mbappé, with a lower price and a salary more in line with Madrid's salary scale. But it is not without its difficulties: Raiola's relations with Madrid have never been good and the expensive commissions that the Italian usually claims for himself do not help in that regard.

Madrid's goal for this summer of 2021 was always Mbappé. The strategy was clear: to dissuade him from renewing with PSG to reach this summer, one year after the end of his contract, with the Parisian club having to choose between selling him or risking that he will go free in 2022. A plan that has already paid off in the past with Courtois and Hazard, both from Chelsea, another club that historically refuses to negotiate for its main figures. The plan was going according to plan, but the pandemic arrived and cut the income of the big clubs, in the case of Madrid by 25% (about 200 million less per season) .

However, if Mbappé reveals himself to be possible for this summer, as everything indicates right now, Real Madrid will make its attempt to bring him to Spain. Relations with PSG are excellent and there has always been an attempt to prevent information from leaking out about the white club's contacts with PSG footballers, even issuing denials so as not to upset Nasser Al Khelaifi, president of the French entity. The box right now is not going through its best moment, but Madrid has sufficient credit lines to finance the signing if the case arises, with the hope that the future Bernabéu stadium, once the reform is completed, will provide the necessary income to balance the effort to be made this summer.The Qatar 2022 World Cup affects Mbappé

Two other scenarios are handled. The first, that PSG does not agree to sell Mbappé this summer, even without signing the renewal, a situation in which Madrid will wait to sign the player in January 2022 at no cost, although knowing that in those circumstances they will need to tempt him with a salary out of the market and with a good transfer bonus, so the operation will require an economic effort whatever happens. And the second scenario, that he renew with PSG and agree at that time a price for his departure in the near future. It is the option that Madrid likes the least, since it wants the player from now on, but it is understood possible by the determination of the owners of PSG, of Qatari origin, that Mbappé plays the 2022 World Cup in Qatar still as a footballer for the French team. Either of these two scenarios would meet this condition.

The salary issue is important, but at Real Madrid they receive the information that Mbappé is not giving priority to money when choosing his next project. If so, he would have already signed with PSG, which offers him a net 36 million per season. Madrid will come to pay him what he already receives, around 21 million net per year, although he intends to compensate that difference with a readjustment in the matter of the player's image rights. Historically, Madrid shares these rights with the great footballers, 50%, based on the belief that the arrival of these figures in Madrid enhances the image of both parties, so that the benefit must be shared. In the case of Mbappé, Madrid would give up a part of its piece of the cake to remunerate him on the other hand what would not enter as salary.

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