The redemption of Las Palmas and Lugo passes through Gran Canaria

The insular formation, stuck in a nobody's zone, is once again led by Sergio Ruiz. Sampedro's men cannot escape the danger of relegation.


Far both teams from their best version, it is not that it has been seen this season, Las Palmas and Lugo cross their paths tonight at the Gran Canaria Stadium. The amendment happens to be a purpose and an obligation in both cases (follow the game live on The insular formation has already accumulated five days without winning, stuck in a nobody's zone and with the playoff becoming more and more a purely optical illusion, while Sampedro's boys wasted a magnificent to save themselves from burning against Castellón and Sabadell, double commitment local from which they barely got a point.

UD arrives at the appointment with the bittersweet draw against Tenerife already digested, but with the need to leave behind what could be and was not. Rotations, if any, will be required. It does not matter that on Sunday there will be a new game with Mallorca in Gran Canaria. "I only care about the immediate. If we also thought about the next game we would make a serious mistake," warns Pepe Mel, forced to make at least two changes with respect to Tenerife. Dani Castellano will walk "a couple of weeks off", in the words of his coach, after the scare in the derby, a match from which his brother withdrew injured. After the poor performance offered by Silva last Sunday, Benito could attack the left back, while Fabio, except for a last-minute surprise, will appear in the double pivot with the star Sergio Ruiz before the physical problems of Javi Castellano and Rivera, also ruled out .

Likewise, Mel himself confirmed yesterday that Valles will continue in goal despite the fact that Álex Domínguez has already returned from his commitment to the U21 team. Meanwhile, with the defense pristine (Cardona could enter) except for the forced change of Dani Castellano, in attack Maikel Mesa could enter to give rest to a discarded Araujo. Likewise, Rafa Mujica is on the prowl to cover some of the positions of the offensive front, which will be defined in the training that Las Palmas will carry out this morning.

For its part, Lugo arrives in Gran Canaria with bad feelings. The idea was to win at home the two previous games against Castellón and Sabadell, direct rivals for salvation, but between them only one point was added. In addition, the sensations did not accompany either and the alleged combinatorial game of Luis César did not work either, so the albivermella situation is frankly improvable. Despite being five points above the descent, the vibrations indicate that the alarms could go off if a score is not achieved before the UD.

Luis César will have up to seven casualties between injuries, sanctions and a FIFA virus that has punished Lugo too much. With Venancio sanctioned, it will be captain Carlos Pita who will accompany Diego Alende in the axis of the rear, while Juanpe will form with Xavi torres in the double pivot. The left-handed winger is opposed by Chris Ramos or Gerard Valentín after the poor performance of Cristian Herrera, who has a difficult time being a prophet in his land, while at the top Manu Barreiro will have to assert his status as top scorer with eight goals.

With only two away victories and without knowing the victory in the League since January 23 against Tenerife, Lugo travels forced to add to avoid a fire.Party keys


Las Palmas accumulates five games without winning. His irregularity is an irreparable burden on his idea of bidding for the playoffs.


Lugo have only won two away games all season and he is going to need to improve those numbers if he does not want to struggle in the final phase of the championship.


If the Galician team were to win tonight in Gran Canaria, it would dangerously approach Las Palmas (barely 4 points separate them: 40-36), which would get into serious trouble.Aces to follow

Sergio Ruiz:

The Cantabrian midfielder gave a recital in Tenerife. He has already added five goals and three assists. His influence on his own game and that of others is noteworthy.


The right-handed winger has proven to be the player with the most danger in his boots in recent days due to speed and verticality.Highs and Lows

Las Palmas: 444 444

Aythami, Cedrés, Javi Castellano, Loiodioce, Dani Castellano and Christian Rivera are injured.


Iriome, Canella and Carrillo, due to injury. Venancio, due to the accumulation of reprimands. Djaló, Puma Rodriguez and El Hacen, by convocation of their national teams.

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