The quarterfinals of the Euroleague: Madrid-Efes and Barça, against Zenit or Valencia

In the absence of determining the last classified for the quarterfinals (Zenit or Valencia), these are now the crosses that await us in the Euroleague.


The regular phase has come to an end with the dispute on matchday 34. And in the absence of knowing the last classified, Valencia or Zenit, there are seven teams in the quarterfinals, the prelude to the Final Four in Cologne (Germany), which will be played from May 28 to 30.When does the quarterfinal playoff begin

In the absence of knowing the last crossing and the exact dates, the Euroleague quarterfinal playoff will begin on April 20 and will close on May 5. It is a series to the best of five games with format 2-2-1

Equipment classified for quarters

1. Barcelona

2. CSKA Moscow

. Anadolu Efes

4. Armani Milan

5. Bayern Munich

6. Real Madrid

7. Fenerbahçe

8. Zenit or Valencia

Quarter games

Barcelona - Zenit or Valencia Basket (Playoff A) 444 444

Armani Milan - Bayern Minich (Playoff B)

Anadou Efes - Real Madrid (Playoff C)

CSKA Moscow - Fenerbahçe (Playoff D)

Final Four

POA Winner - POB Winner

POC Winner - POD Winner

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