The Police investigates the Vini-Zabú after the positive of De Bonis

According to the Corriere della Sera, 25 records were made this Wednesday after De Bonis was positive for EPO. Angelo Citracca and Luca Scinto, noted.

The announcement of the positive by EPO of the Italian cyclist of the Vini-Zabù Matteo De Bonis has rekindled the ghosts of doping in the peloton and has caused the Italian police to put the team in the spotlight before the possibility of new cases appearing.

According to the Corriere della Sera, this Wednesday there have been up to 25 searches of people linked to the team, although they focused on three specific people who are being investigated as suspects: Matteo De Bonis himself, the team manager Angelo Citracca and the director Luca Scinto sports car. The team's headquarters, located in the Pistoia region, was also searched, although no arrests were made.

This medium indicates that the investigators believe that Citracca and Scinto would have favored De Bonis to use doping substances and they suspect that other cyclists have also used them. De Bonis's EPO positive is a hard blow for the team after Matteo Spreafico's positive for Ostarine last October in the middle of the Giro d'Italia, which could leave Vini-Zabù without competing in the 2021 Giro.

The Vini-Zabù suspends De Bonis

This same Wednesday, the Vini-Zabú announced the suspension of De Bonis after knowing his positive and, through a statement, the cyclist would have given the police information about the positive, his contacts and the way of use of the doping substance.

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