The peloton explodes due to the expulsion of Schär in the Tour of Flanders after throwing a jerrycan

Many cyclists criticized the UCI and its new regulations after the Swiss cyclist was expelled after giving a bottle to fans outside the designated areas.


The expulsion of Michal Schär from the Tour of Flanders for giving a bottle to a spectator in the middle of the race outside the areas authorized by the UCI has once again outraged the peloton, which has shown its criticism of the body in the face of the strictness of the rule and the excessive punishment towards the Swiss cyclist

It should be remembered that, since April 1, the new UCI regulations have come into force, which, among other things, prohibits runners from throwing cans or containers outside the areas enabled for it or riding on the bike with positions such as going mounted on the frame or with the elbows on the handlebar.

As soon as Schär's disqualification was known, several leading cycling figures criticized the rigor with which the UCI and the Tour of Flanders applied the regulations. One of the first to protest was the former Spanish cyclist Joaquim 'Purito' Rodríguez: "It would be better for the UCI to worry about what really matters."The German of the Israel Start-Up André Greipel was also very critical, who regretted that for this simple action Schär was saying goodbye to a career for which he had been preparing for months. "This is ridiculous. The UCI rules are the rules, but these things must be changed. Cyclists have been preparing the classics all winter and this situation was not necessary to remove a cyclist from the race"

Robbie McEwen also criticized the decision to disqualify Schär, as the rider threw the jerrycan into an area where there were people. "He has thrown it to the fans who also pick it up immediately. It's ridiculous"

The Danish Michal Rasmussen protested the decision of the jury and the UCI, also criticizing other less controversial norms approved by the body. "This is wrong for the UCI. In addition to measurements such as the length of the socks, search engines and regulate the positions of cyclists on the bike" .

Former sports director Johan Bruyneel was also very critical of the UCI after what happened. "A lot of outrage today at the new UCI 'safety' rules. Anyone with common sense and who knows racing knows that they are ridiculous. Yet the UCI does not care what we think. It is an old man's club run by dinosaurs , like any other sports federation. Almost all the safety rules are directed to the cyclists and almost none to the responsibility of the organizers. It is the typical behavior of the UCI: attack your members instead of protecting and defending them. Completely alienated from the basic necessities of cycling ".

Another opinion on what happened came from the Deceuninck Quick-Step cyclist Stijn Steels, who was surprised by what happened with Schr and even more so after the decision taken by the CPA, the UCI and the cyclists themselves. "During the Zoom meeting between the CPA, the UCI and the cyclists it was agreed that giving a bottle to the public should not give any punishment. The request came from the cyclists themselves because there is a lot of demand from the fans in the travel ".

Movistar rider Carlos Verona showed his indignation as he would have seen Schar's sanction well if the bottle had been thrown in the middle of the route instead of at some fans. "Incredible that they can throw you out of the race for this. IF the drum had gone to nature, 100% agree, but for throwing it to the public ... I hope the UCI rectifies and that the CPA takes action on it. crazy !! "

With a more nostalgic tone, the Italian Bora-Hansgrohe cyclist Cesare Benedetti took it: "I feel very sad for all those children to whom I will never be able to give a bottle again."

In a similar position, the Trek-Segafredo cyclist Juanpe López manifested: "I'm always excited to throw a bottle at a child, but I'm sure that a child is more excited than a cyclist throws a bottle at him, I say it because I have lived it ... but with this rule that dream cannot be fulfilled, I hope this happens soon! "

Former cyclist Jean-Christophe Peraud also wanted to criticize the UCI's decision on a tradition that brings riders closer to fans. "I understand the UCI's response to environmental pressure, but integrating discernment into the rule would have been good for our sport while respecting its history. The jerrycan is a tool for the social bond between the sport and the fans. And, if not, ¿ what about the caravan? "

We will have to wait to see if what happened to Michael Schär makes the UCI more flexible in this type of situation ... or if fans will only be able to take cans from cyclists in areas designated for cyclists and not at any point of the route.

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